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Content Optimization: Learn How Acrolinx Can Help Optimize Your Flare Content

Apr 23, 9:00-10:00 am (Pacific Time) Online Webinar

As users of MadCap Flare, you strive to produce the highest-quality content on time and on budget. Using Flare’s new API, Flare now offers Acrolinx integration to help optimize your content by making it more findable, readable, and engaging.

In this webinar, you’ll see how users can easily access Acrolinx’s functionality directly within the Flare user interface. You’ll also learn:

  • Why content quality matters more than ever to attract and keep customers
  • Six dimensions of content optimization for maximum customer satisfaction
  • How Acrolinx helps you establish your corporate standards, enforce those standards, and report on the results

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PG Bartlett, SVP Product Management | Acrolinx
Jose Sermeno, Product Evangelist | MadCap Software, Inc.

MadCap Flare in an Agile World: Strategies for Optimizing Quality and Productivity

May 7, 8:00-9:00 am (Pacific Time) Online Webinar
Presenter: Derek Warren, Principal Information Developer | Venafi

Agile teams and implementations are like snowflakes – no two are alike, but they should all have one thing in common: completing the work of sprints on time.

As users of MadCap Flare, you know it is a powerful stand-alone application used to create various types of output. But are you aware that Flare along with Analyzer, Contributor, and Pulse offer features designed to help you produce content faster and with a higher level of quality?

Join Derek Warren, Principle Technical Writer at Venafi, as he will show you tips and tricks using the MadPak Suite that can help make your life easier and your content of a higher quality.

Responsive Design and Best Practices for Publishing to Mobile Devices

May 28, 8:00-9:00 am (Pacific Time) Online Webinar
Presenter: Mike Hamilton, VP of Product Evangelism | MadCap Software, Inc.

This session will begin with an overview of the mobile space and the challenges and opportunities unique in publishing content to mobile devices. The various kinds of mobile devices will be discussed while analyzing why a “one size fits all” approach will never be optimal. With the correct techniques and strategies your content can be optimized for multi-channel publishing including phones, tablets, and embedded devices. We will cover both device specific output options and the benefits of providing a single output with responsive-design capabilities and when each would be appropriate.

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