Why MadCap Flare? ROI Success Stories.

Flare offers the highest return on investment (ROI) and lowest cost
of ownership of any authoring, publishing and content management solution available.

Tricentis Replaces Adobe® FrameMaker® with MadCap Software's Technical Communications Suite to Create HTML5-based Online Help Enriched With Video Tutorials While Cutting Annual Project Time by Three Months

Reduced Project Time by 25 Percent

Reduced Project Time

After we finished our first year using MadCap, we took a pen and paper and discovered we saved 520 hours. That's three project months!"

—Stefan Steinbauer | Head of Documentation and Translation

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GFI Software Switches from Microsoft® Word to MadCap Flare to Streamline Documentation and Localization Processes and Achieve a Five-Fold Reduction in Project Time

Reduced Project Time

After converting our first project to Flare, we experienced a five-fold reduction in the total time required to generate outputs for a product."

—Jason Micallef | Technical Communications Manager

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Mitchell, A Leading Provider of Property & Casualty Claims Technology Solutions Cuts Process Time by 82% Using MadCap Flare with Microsoft SharePoint and Team Foundation Server

Reduced Project Time

  • More than a 90% reduction in end-to-end processing times for building and deploying product Help to the Web
  • A 75% reduction in process time for producing overall content set
  • A 80% reduction in processing times for a complex reference set created by process partners and published by Mitchell along with product Help
  • An overall reduction of 82% in process times compared to process times prior to implementing Flare with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and SharePoint
We can put out more content, more completely, and more accurately than at any time in the history of Mitchell. Many project tasks have gone from taking days to hours and from hours to minutes using Flare."

—Don Rasky | Senior Technical Writer

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Illumina, a Leading Life Sciences Company, Uses MadCap Flare and Microsoft Team Foundation Server to Cut Project Time for Print, Web, and Mobile Content Up to 80%; MadCap Lingo Speeds Content Translation

Reduced Project Time

Flare and Microsoft TFS basically do everything we need, so we don't need to spend all that money on a traditional content management server."

—Lynn Carrier | Senior Manager, Technical Publications

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CCC Information Services Optimizes Online Help to Reduce "How-To" Inquiries by up to 30%

Reduced Support Inquiries

Our support team is seeing anywhere from a 10% to 30% drop in 'how-to' calls, which suggests that customers are finding it easier to follow the Help instructions."

—Riyaz Adamjee | Manager of Communications Services

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Compressus Adopts MadCap Flare to Cut Production of Print Manuals and Online Help from Two Months to One Week, Easily Add QR Codes, and Ensure Government Healthcare Compliance

Increased Production Speed

Madcap Software has provided our technical documentation team with flexible tools and the ability to accurately manage our operations while maintaining compliance with standards and regulations."

—Laszlo Gasztonyi | Chief Technology Officer

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Thinking Windows Delivers Mobile WebHelp in Less Than 30 Days

Less Than 30 Days

Flare's mobile output is platform-independent, so we didn't have to customize anything for the GPS device. It worked immediately."

—Heather Winch | Technical Writing Department Manager

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Creative Interactive Ideas Cuts Development of Multi-channel Training Content by Nearly Half

Cuts Development Time

We could have just imported RoboHelp content and all the formatting directly into MadCap Flare, but once we had the raw content, we entirely rebuilt the Help system in Flare. In doing so, we were able to take advantage of Flare's broad format support and multi-channel publishing capabilities to eliminate the previous workarounds."

—Debbie Richards | Creative Interactive Ideas

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Actel Uses MadCap Flare to Reduce Production Time by 50 Percent and Enhance Customer Experience

Reduced Production Time

Using Flare, we have cut our production time by 50%, a savings of 40 to 60 man-hours with each release of our documentation."

—Case Farley | Senior Technical Writer

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G-Pro Technologies Save Six-fold on Authoring and Translation Time Using MadCap Lingo and Flare

Increased Production Speed

Using the integrated functionality of MadCap Lingo and Flare, we can preserve our links, formatting, and other data. Now our translator can focus on localization and not recreating the document. The efficiencies we've gained have been as dramatic as moving from a typewriter to using Microsoft® Word™."

—Daniel Ng | Manager of Knowledge Management

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Microsoft® Health Solutions (now Caradigm) Uses Flare to Streamline Delivery of Online and Print Documentation

Streamline Delivery

MadCap Flare is giving us state-of-the-art capabilities while offering the lowest cost of ownership of any authoring software we've seen on the market."

—Harold Gross | Caradigm, a Microsoft | GE Healthcare Company

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Intentional Design Used Flare to Complete a Health Management System in Six Weeks

Completed Project in 6 Weeks

Our client asked how many extra months it would take to produce a knowledge base. I explained that, by generating it as online Help, we could complete it with the rest of the project. That's the power of Flare."

—Rahel Bailie | President

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EzGlobe Uses MadCap Flare to Deliver a Consistent Quality Experience across All Languages, Projects 30% Reduction in Engineering Time

Reduced Project Time

The ability to eliminate workarounds for our Japanese localization, Flare's ease of use, and its reusable snippets together are allowing us to realize a number of efficiencies throughout the localization process. Based on our current status, we expect to cut our project time by at least 30 percent while delivering a consistent quality experience across all seven languages. And that translates into a better, more cost-effective product for our customer."

—Jean-Baptiste Daian | Co-founder and President

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SalesPage Technologies Completed Their Print Documentation and Online Help 25% Faster

Increased Output Speed

With Flare, we are able to complete our print documentation and online Help projects at least 25% faster, and our online Help is a great deal more responsive, with a much more robust and reliable search component."

—Nancy Hutson Hale | Director, Education Service

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AVST Uses Flare to Replace Four Documentation Apps, Eliminate the Need for a CMS, Cut Project Time in Half

Cuts Project Time

The cost evaluation showed that our copies of MadCap Flare basically paid for themselves with just one set of single-sourced documentation," Sullivan said. "Equally important, our writers are achieving faster delivery to support the many tight turnaround situations we face each year."

—Chris Sullivan | Director of Training and Documentation

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basys, inc. Modernizes, Streamline Web-based Content Delivery Using MadCap Flare

Streamlines Content Delivery

Using features in Flare, such as single-sourcing, reusable snippets, and conditional tags, basys also has significantly cut the time for maintaining its documentation-completing some updates in minutes that once took hours. Flare replaces the Adobe RoboHelp content authoring tool.
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ROI Articles

Kai Weber Uses Single-sourcing in MadCap Flare to Reduce Project Time by 30-40%

Reduced Project Time

…most of the topics can now be used in release notes, user manuals and online help alike. Since I’ve gone from copy-and-paste in three content silos to single-sourcing topics in Flare, the time to write and update documentation for my module has decreased by 30-40%."

—Kai Weber | Technical Writer

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