MadCap Central

Extend your authoring capabilities with a powerful cloud-based platform for content and project management, hosting, publishing, task tracking, user permissions, team collaboration and more, all in one centralized location.


Cloud-based Publishing, Project and Content Management

Improve content quality, gain greater insight into tasks and production schedules, work collaboratively with teams and departments, and automate processes to further extend the authoring and publishing capabilities of MadCap Flare.

Getting Started with MadCap Central

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What’s New: Slack Integration

MadCap Central now integrates with the leading team collaboration and communication platform Slack. Receive MadCap Central notifications
on your Slack channels, including:

  • Users: Receive a notification if you have been added to
    or removed from a project
  • Builds: Receive a notification if a target from a project is generated
    (manual, scheduled start, or rebuild)
  • Teams: Receive a notification if a team is added to a project
    or removed from one
  • Tasks: Receive a notification if comments or files are added
    to a task
  • Projects: Receive a notification if a project’s status
    (i.e., Activated, Locked, Archived) is changed
  • And many more

Integrate your Slack account with MadCap Central in just a few easy steps.

MadCap Central screenshot with Add to Slack button
MadCap Central and Slack logos READ THE WHAT’S NEW TOPIC
I have used other source control systems with Flare, and they have each had their challenges. The MadCap Central solution is so easy and works so well – I think it’s a no-brainer!

Kate Montressor
Senior Technical Writer,
SilverPeak, Inc.

Manage Projects and Content in One Centralized Location

Managing projects and content has never been easier. Gain better insight into production schedules, milestones and deliverables with a variety of project management tools and content hosting features.

MadCap Central allows users to:

  • Upload Flare Projects: A copy of the project will reside in the cloud via Central
  • Import Flare Projects: Import projects from Central uploaded by another user
  • Assign Users to Projects: Assign users or entire teams to any project
  • Manage Project Status: Set projects to Active, Archive or Lock (read-only)
  • Get Notifications: Get notified on specific activities via the Notification Center, email or Slack
  • And much more!
MadCap Flare and Cenral Screenshots
Tracking multiple projects with multiple authors in multiple statuses can be confusing and downright challenging. MadCap Central's management dashboard – which is tightly integrated with MadCap Flare – will go a long way toward making project management smooth and efficient.
photo of Neil Perlin

Neil Perlin
President, Hyper/Word Services

photo of Jamie Roddy

Jamie Roddy
Manager of Technical
Communications, Sabre Corporation

photo of Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson
Technical Writer, Blogger
I’d Rather Be Writing

Host Projects and Content in the Cloud

Projects and content hosted in MadCap Central can be accessed anywhere, and publishing no longer requires IT department resources.

Track and Manage Tasks with Multiple Task Views

Need to assign tasks and visualize your project work flow with ease? With MadCap Central, tasks can be displayed in either a task board or calendar view, and all tasks can be broken down into five categories: To Do, In Progress, Complete, Archived and Backlog.

A task can hold any of the following:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Priority (Low, Medium, High)
  • Related Flare Project
  • Start and Due Dates
  • Estimated Hours
  • Owner and User Assignment
  • File Attachments
MadCap Central Calendar MadCap Central Task Board MadCap Central Task Panel MadCap Central Task Panel

Assign User Permissions to Control Access & Maintain Content Quality

Administrators can set user permissions for regular users. Permissions can be set globally for all projects or separately for individual projects.

Set Permissions Panel

Collaborate with Teams to Manage Projects Efficiently

Teams can be used to organize users into specific groups. Associate users with projects and quickly communicate with a specific set of users using the Message Center.

Team Profile and Message Center Panels

The Message Center is an area where users can chat within Central. Chats can be with other individuals or entire teams.

Automate, Manage and Publish Builds Quickly and Easily

Managing builds in MadCap Central is easy. Schedule builds, set builds to “Live” for easy publishing, and view the build log for details such as warnings or errors during builds.

The Build Management view allows users to:

  • Schedule Builds
  • View Generated Output
  • View the Build Log
  • Download Builds Locally
  • Set Vanity URL
  • Receive Notifications
  • Set Builds to “Live” or “Keep”
Build Management screen MadCap Central Scheudle Build Panel MadCap Central Build Details Panel

Get Full Project Visibility with Customizable Dashboards and Widgets

Customize your dashboard with widgets – objects that let you see important information at a glance – for quick and easy access to calendars, build history, cloud storage usage, project properties and more.

MadCap Central Home screen MadCap Central Scheudle Build Panel MadCap Central Build Details Panel MadCap Central Build Details Panel

Scalable for Any Size Organization

A single user or a team of hundreds, MadCap Central was built for scalability. Pricing is simple and adding additional storage is easy.

world map with symbols representing users

Watch: Getting Started with MadCap Central