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MadCap’s Platinum Support is the greatest product on the planet. Your personnel are kind, knowledgeable, and most of all patient. I am so happy that I switched to Flare (from FrameMaker® and RoboHelp®).

Pamela Coca
Compressus, Inc.

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“As always, MadCap’s Support team is stellar. Love that Flare! I really need to find a way to come work for you guys.”
—Mary W. Martz | Documentation and Training Manager, PrimeRevenue, Inc.
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“You guys do fantastic work. The best I’ve ever seen in 30 years in the computer industry. Keep it up.”
—Gary Taylor | Frontier Communications
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“I really appreciate the support you provided. You helped me resolve some issues that had been plaguing me for weeks. You also helped me understand how to clean up a project. Finally, I’m a stronger SVN Tortoise user because of your great support. Thanks again – I wish all software companies had engineers with support skills as strong as yours.”
—Stephen Murphy | Technical Writer, Limelight Networks
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“Can I just add that it really is refreshing to deal with a software company that listens to its users. I have to split my time between Flare and other technical communication tools, and I can tell you that dealing with MadCap Software is a joy in comparison to dealing with other companies.”
—Craig Wright FISTC | Technical Author | SEO Copywriter, StrayGoat Writing Services Ltd
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“I’ve said it a couple of times, but I will say thank you again. I am very impressed with the way that your company treats clients and helps to answer questions. Your technical support process is exemplary.”
—Julious Dyer | Technical Writer, Peoplenet: Fleet Mobility Solutions,
A Trimble Company
“Flare’s customer care is an important value add: My customers will thank me rather than be displeased with me for putting them in MadCap’s hands.”
—Riley VanDyke | Contract and Consulting Technical Writer
“Oh hey, @MadCapSoftware! Had the fastest and most pleasant customer service experience with you today. Beyond excited to use your software!”
—Lina Tovbis ‏(via Twitter @LinaTovbis) | Technical Communicator
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“I don't know what you guys get paid, but I will say that the quality of the MadCap Software technical support was a major factor in my decision to use your products.”
—Jeff Skosnik | PSI
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“I love my Platinum Support so much that I would fight someone in a ring of fire to keep it.”
—Heather Janas | IronData
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“In my 40 + years of working with different Customer Support Centers it gives me great satisfaction to state that the MadCap Customer Support is the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with; always professional, easy to work with, patient, and solved all our issues.”
—Dr. Al Salinas, Ph.D. | President/CEO, Salinas Technologies Inc.
IRIS Business Services Ltd
"I've been using Flare for 2+ years, after switching from RoboHelp®, which I used for many, many years. And I totally agree with Riley's comments on product comparison, the awfully disappointing releases of RH after Adobe® purchased it, and his VERY polite comparison of dealing with Adobe® vs MadCap. MadCap sales, support, and training are all excellent. I believe that having a working knowledge of MadCap Flare would definitely help you in your job search. I attended MadCap's online training for new/intermediate users after purchasing the product, and it was very helpful."
—Kathleen (KC) Cabral | Technical Writer, STORServer
"I have been a technical writer for twenty-six years and was a technical editor for seven years before that. The MadCap technical writing team does great work. I have worked with the Flare product for about seven years and love it, but I have no end of praise for the tech writers because theirs is among the best product documentation I have ever seen. When MadCap talks about its excellent tech support, they should always mention documentation."
—Dean Kaflowitz | Technical Writer, Technical Writing Consultant
"MadCap's Help material and tutorials were great, and the MadCap support team really was there for us. There was not one time when we contacted them that we did not get a reply. And when we had a problem, they had a solution"
—Jason Micallef | Technical Communications Manager, GFI Software
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"My company, Egenera, just switched to Madcap Flare, and I have to say, MadCap Software's technical support is outstanding. I'm a new user, and had 3 issues that were all resolved within 24 hours! I've never had better tech support, either personally or professionally."
—Bill Balint | Principal Technical Writer, Egenera