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Flare is off the charts, so much better than
any other writing tool I've used. Keep at it! I
believe it's the best on the market.”

—Kathi Hennebry | Cymphonix

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"I love MadCap Flare. We produce online and PDF documentation from one TOC. In addition, we produce multiple versions of a guide from one project. More than one writer can work in the same project simultaneously. I could go on and on about how much I
love it.

Once you learn how to use MadCap Flare, other publishing documentation software seems antiquated. The tool is powerful. I highly recommend the software and the
support package."
—Kathryn Goodman | Sr. Information Developer, Technical Writer Sr.,
ARGO Data Resource Corporation
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"I'm so excited to meet with my entire team and discuss the new features that will apply to us! Flare just keeps getting better and better! Thank you from the writers at Ceridian!"
—Dianne Paul | Sr. Information Developer, Ceridian
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"Flare really is one of the best tools for producing documentation for print and electronic publishing (InDesign® is a close second, leaving FrameMaker® and Word far behind)."
—Hagay Vider | Communications Manager, High Security Labs
"I have delivered the first version of my online Help project with Flare in only 11 weeks, migrating content from 1500 pages of 'traditional' documentation. This was my first experience with Flare. There is a very high level of quality customer support and resources (the forum, videos, Help, user manuals). In my honest opinion, Flare (and all of the MadPak Suite) is very interesting."
—Alessandro Stazi | Technical Documentation Manager, CrossIdeas
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"We moved from FrameMaker® to Author-it®, but were not very happy with the way Author-it® "locks" your files in the system in its own code-propriety format. We wanted something (file format) that is more transparent and easy to use. We then moved to MadCap Flare, and we are very glad that we took this decision. For few of our products that have 30,000+ files, our build times have come down from a staggering 16-24 hour in AIT to a meager 20-30 minutes. Flare is the simplest and the best thing in market now, according to my experience."
—Sachin Shimoga | Senior Manager, Technical Publications, Ixia Technologies
IRIS Business Services Ltd
“I've been using Flare for 2+ years, after switching from RoboHelp®, which I used for many, many years. And I totally agree with Riley's comments on product comparison, the awfully disappointing releases of RH after Adobe® purchased it, and his VERY polite comparison of dealing with Adobe® vs MadCap. MadCap sales, support, and training are all excellent. I believe that having a working knowledge of MadCap Flare would definitely help you in your job search. I attended MadCap's online training for new/intermediate users after purchasing the product, and it was very helpful.”
—Kathleen (KC) Cabral | Technical Writer, STORServer
"I have been a technical writer for twenty-six years and was a technical editor for seven years before that. The MadCap technical writing team does great work. I have worked with the Flare product for about seven years and love it, but I have no end of praise for the tech writers because theirs is among the best product documentation I have ever seen. When MadCap talks about its excellent tech support, they should always mention documentation."
—Dean Kaflowitz | Technical Writer, Technical Writing Consultant
IRIS Business Services Ltd
"As long as I am a Technical Writer, Flare is always going to be my preferred option."
—Lopamudra Mishra | Technical Writer, IRIS Business Services Ltd
"I have almost twenty years of experience in technical writing. I've used RoboHelp® HTML, Author-IT®, and every other publishing and content management software under the sun. My advice, go with MadCap Software. It is the only software that I know of that is focused on the technical writer and their needs. If I had a choice on any future projects, I would only choose MadCap Flare. I am not affiliated in any way with this company. I've just used their product for a number of years and it keeps getting better all the time. They have the tech writer's back."
—Katie Roberts | Independent Contractor, ZELTIQ
"After converting our first project to Flare, we experienced a five-fold reduction in the total time required to generate output for a product with three deliverables in three different formats in 14 languages totaling 126 individual target files —going down from roughly 25 hours to about 5 hours"
—Jason Micallef | Technical Communications Manager, GFI Software
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"My company, Egenera, just switched to Madcap Flare, and I have to say, MadCap Software's technical support is outstanding. I'm a new user, and had 3 issues that were all resolved within 24 hours! I've never had better tech support, either personally or professionally."
—Bill Balint | Principal Technical Writer, Egenera
"I am pleased that our company is converting over to Flare. It has been very unpleasant working in RoboHelp® over the past year. I'm so relieved that it's only going to be a bit longer and I can hopefully say goodbye to RH® for the last time!"
—Jan Jackson | Senior Technical Writer, Vertafore
"Thanks to you and your team for implementing our enhancement request. It is great to see MadCap Software work on actual user problems and coming out with a solution. You have absolutely no idea how this is going to help Ixia migrate one of our tough user documentation sets from FrameMaker into Flare!"
—Sachin Shimoga | Senior Manager, Technical Publications, Ixia Technologies
"I give Flare two enthusiastic thumbs up for breadth of features, ROI, excellent support staff, and for being amazingly in-tune with the tech writing industry, proven by the kinds of feature enhancements they deliver. And their own Flare Help system/content model says it all to me. I almost always find what I'm looking for, and when I don't, their forums and support staff are top notch. The support staff doesn't stop until they fix the issues!"
—Derek Warren | Principal Information Developer
"I've used the latest RoboHelp and Flare 7 (but not Flare 8). Flare takes a little getting used to if you're used to RH, but I prefer it. Also, Flare is a bit more versatile in terms of output to Word format for creation of PDFs. In this regard, I think that Flare is getting closer to a true 'single source' solution, since you can create a single set of content, conditionalize all of the text and images, and then output the content to the selected target. I found that Flare was able to output content to Word using our existing training template, and required minimal tinkering to make a good-looking PDF output. RoboHelp was not able to do this with any degree of success, despite Adobe's claims to the contrary."
—Don Harman | Communications Analyst
"I have worked with a number of tools in the past 28.5 years. Now, I am using Flare and it’s like driving a speed boat instead of riding a barge, in terms of content-to-multiple-outputs. I suppose that every tool has its pros and cons, and perhaps the big companies need a more "structured" solution (that chugs along). Flare gives me speed and flexibility. You can see single-sourced output examples here, and a case study here."
—Mark Metcalfe | Documentation Director, Ektron
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