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Flare is off the charts, so much better than any other writing tool I’ve used. Keep at it! I believe it’s the best on the market.

Kathi Hennebry

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“I’ve used Flare for three or four years now. I wouldn’t call it extremely complicated and sophisticated. It does require some effort to learn but I find it generally intuitive with the occasional gotcha. But given how awful I think MS Word is, and how taxing it is to stay current with Word’s arbitrary UI changes, Flare appears to be a gift to humanity by comparison. I say just jump in.”
—Ira Carter | Documentation Manager, VISA U.S.A.
“I love Flare. As one reviewer said, ‘it's a real force multiplier.’ It allows the proficient user to match the productivity of a small private-sector team or a very large government-sector one.”
—Brian Engle | Technical Writer/Content Publisher
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“I made the switch from FrameMaker® to Flare a few years ago. I found Flare easy to pick up and am still impressed by how flexible it is. I like it a lot. As a result of using Flare, I’ve learned some CSS and HTML5 and developed web design skills, so am now more knowledgeable and employable. HTML5 and web-based help is the future…more and more people are using tablets and mobile technology.”
—Craig Wright | Technical Communicator, Straygoat Writing Services, Ltd.
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“Migrating from FrameMaker® to Flare made more sense to me than I expected. Flare simply makes it so much easier to control content, it’s more versatile, it’s more open to the outside world (XML), and if all goes wrong I can use Notepad. It caught the attention from the company developers (that’s a first in 30+ years) and the MadCap guys wins hands down on service and support (that’s easy since the Adobe support is close to nill on FrameMaker®).”
—Thomas Bro-Rasmussen | Localization Manager, GN Otometrics
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“We imported thousands of pages to Flare from FrameMaker®, and now I can't imagine using anything else.”
—Joy Birck | Technical Publications Manager, Safe Software
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“Flare continually makes me look like a hero by allowing me to manage a large volume of content and reorganize output on-the-fly. I know of no other tool that can do that so well. Thanks again for creating an outstanding product.”
—Brad Solomon | Senior Technical Writer, Apptio, Inc.
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“I searched for a substitute for RoboHelp®, found Flare, and it was all fun and games from there! ”
—William Kelly | Sr. Technical Writer, Satake USA, Inc
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“FrameMaker® seems like a dinosaur – I can’t believe people are still using it :)”
—Joy Birck | Technical Publications Manager, Safe Software Logo
“MadCap Flare! I love it! I also love the fact that MadCap Software take my comments on board to make the product better each time.”
—Heather Firth | Technical Author at
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“Be careful, once you have moved from FrameMaker® to Flare (or another XML topic-based tool), you won't ever want to open a FrameMaker® project ever again.”
—André Vanderschueren | Technical Writer, ASTeC
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“I’ve become a complete cheerleader for Flare, and can’t wait to bring our documentation to the next level with MadCap Software.”
—Pat D’Ambrosio | Documentation Lead, BA Insight
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“Want the best? MadCap Flare to create or manage content, online help or documentation of any kind. #techwriter #flare @MadCapSoftware”
—Darci Kingry (via Twitter @bumbledoodles) | Technical Writer
“Like many grizzled Help veterans, I mourned the passing of the original RoboHelp® into corporate obscurity so long ago. I had practiced the Zen of Help with that product. And where would all those creative minds go? Surprise — they’re here! And that great flow of energy is here, too.

One of the things that makes Flare so enticing is the attention to detail shown in the product. The architecture is superb for 21st-century authoring, but even the little things in the interface are carried through completely.  It’s surprising how many times I’ve found just the right feature in just the right place, already thought out. When I was first learning the product, it was uncanny how the Help seemed to ‘know’ just what I was looking for.

Flare is crafted software.”
—Jack DeLand | Writer/Editor and ScrumMaster
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"I love MadCap Flare. We produce online and PDF documentation from one TOC. In addition, we produce multiple versions of a guide from one project. More than one writer can work in the same project simultaneously. I could go on and on about how much I
love it.

Once you learn how to use MadCap Flare, other publishing documentation software seems antiquated. The tool is powerful. I highly recommend the software and the
support package."
—Kathryn Goodman | Sr. Information Developer, Technical Writer Sr.,
ARGO Data Resource Corporation
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"I'm so excited to meet with my entire team and discuss the new features that will apply to us! Flare just keeps getting better and better! Thank you from the writers at Ceridian!"
—Dianne Paul | Sr. Information Developer, Ceridian
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“We are using MadCap Flare for most of our customers projects. Some are still working/requesting Word or FrameMaker, but there is hope to migrate them to a "real" technical writing XML tool.”
—André Vanderschueren | Technical Writer, ASTeC
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"Flare really is one of the best tools for producing documentation for print and electronic publishing (InDesign® is a close second, leaving FrameMaker® and Word far behind)."
—Hagay Vider | Communications Manager, High Security Labs
"I have delivered the first version of my online Help project with Flare in only 11 weeks, migrating content from 1500 pages of 'traditional' documentation. This was my first experience with Flare. There is a very high level of quality customer support and resources (the forum, videos, Help, user manuals). In my honest opinion, Flare (and all of the MadPak Suite) is very interesting."
—Alessandro Stazi | Technical Documentation Manager, CrossIdeas
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"We moved from FrameMaker® to Author-it®, but were not very happy with the way Author-it® "locks" your files in the system in its own code-propriety format. We wanted something (file format) that is more transparent and easy to use. We then moved to MadCap Flare, and we are very glad that we took this decision. For few of our products that have 30,000+ files, our build times have come down from a staggering 16-24 hour in AIT to a meager 20-30 minutes. Flare is the simplest and the best thing in market now, according to my experience."
—Sachin Shimoga | Senior Manager, Technical Publications, Ixia Technologies
IRIS Business Services Ltd
"I've been using Flare for 2+ years, after switching from RoboHelp®, which I used for many, many years. And I totally agree with Riley's comments on product comparison, the awfully disappointing releases of RH after Adobe® purchased it, and his VERY polite comparison of dealing with Adobe® vs MadCap. MadCap sales, support, and training are all excellent. I believe that having a working knowledge of MadCap Flare would definitely help you in your job search. I attended MadCap's online training for new/intermediate users after purchasing the product, and it was very helpful."
—Kathleen (KC) Cabral | Technical Writer, STORServer