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The leading software for single-source authoring and multi-channel publishing of technical, medical and policy information including knowledge bases, online Help and documentation websites, user guides and more.

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Today’s Most Versatile Platform for Creating,
Managing and Publishing Content.

Content developers, from technical writers and documentation managers to eLearning specialists and instructional designers, can create and manage a rich variety of content from a single application.

Employee Handbooks and Policies & Procedures Manuals

Online Help, Documentation and User Assistance

Medical, Regulatory and Compliance Documents

Training Manuals and eLearning Guides

API and SDK Documentation

Knowledge Bases and Corporate Intranets

User Guides, Installation Guides and Quick Start Guides

Support and Troubleshooting Documentation

Administrative, Programmer and Internal Development Documentation

Proposals, Contracts, Reports and Audits

Marketing and Corporate Communication Documentation

Illustrated Parts Catalogs and Maintenance Manuals

Streamline Content Delivery
and Maximize Your ROI.

Flare offers the highest return on investment and
lowest cost of ownership of any authoring, publishing
and content management solution available.

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An Overview of MadCap Flare

Increase Productivity
Reduce Project Time
Reduce Localization Costs
Streamline Content Delivery
logos of web technologies: JS, HTML, CSS, XML

Don’t get locked into a proprietary content platform. Our products adhere to open standards
and formats, including XML, CSS, JavaScript and HTML5.

Named A Top 100 Company
In The Digital Content
Industry 5 Years In A Row

eContent 100 Awards Magazine Covers

Harness the Power of Single-source,
Multi-channel Publishing.

Don’t work harder, work smarter. Manage and deliver content quickly and efficiently.

Single Sourcing

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Examples of MadCap Flare publishing targets

Desktop and Cloud-based
Content Management /
Source Control

objects representing content management
Because we reuse so much content for this product line, we've been able to cut our project time from about six weeks down to one week using Flare variables.
photo of Lynn Carrier

Lynn M. Carrier
Assoc. Director, Content Process
and Technology, Illumina

photo of Derek Warren

Derek Warren
Principal Information
Developer, Venafi

photo of Don Rasky

Don Rasky
Senior Technical Writer,

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Eight Powerful Applications for Content Development.

A complete set of content development tools for authoring, publishing & content management,
plus supporting applications for analysis & reporting, contribution & review, translation management,
multimedia creation and social collaboration.

  • MadCap Lingo: Translation and Localization
  • MadCap Mimic: Interactive Demos, Videos, Tutorials and
    Software Simulations
  • MadCap Capture: Screen Capture and Image Editing
  • MadCap Pulse: Analytics, Reporting and Social Collaboration for Your Documentation

Plus: MadPak Professional Suite: The Ultimate Content Development Suite

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Latest News and Announcements.

MadCap Flare 2017 r2 Now Available

The latest release adds Salesforce integration, Google Search for Custom Search Engine (CSE), Top Navigation enhancements for improved navigation and control, compiler improvements, favicon support and more. Learn More »

Introducing MadCap Central

Extend your authoring capabilities with a powerful cloud-based platform for content and project management, hosting, build automation, task tracking and more. Learn More »

Quantum, a Data Storage Solutions Leader, Delivers Responsive HTML5-Based Documentation Centers Using MadCap Flare

To help customers set up and optimize their use of its solutions, Quantum delivers product documentation centers that take advantage of MadCap Flare’s top navigation output and responsive design.
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