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Maximize content reuse with the leading solution for HTML5-based online help, PDF user guides and more.

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Ready to change the way you create, manage and publish content?

MadCap Flare allows content developers to create and manage technical documentation and other forms for content – ranging from the highly complex to the beautifully simple – with ease. Authors save time by using advanced topic-based authoring features that allow for maximum content reuse and publishing to multiple deliverables and outputs.

"Having traveled from Microsoft® Word, FrameMaker®, RoboHelp®, Help & Manual to MadCap Software during my years as a technical writer, MadCap Flare is by far the most versatile tool I have ever used. I love its power and flexibility."

Lars Lyhne
Technical Communicator | ReSound

With MadCap Flare, you can create:

  • Employee Handbooks and Policies & Procedures Manuals
  • Online Help, Documentation and User Assistance
  • Medical, Regulatory and Compliance Documents
  • Training Manuals and eLearning Guides
  • API and SDK Documentation
  • Knowledge Bases and Corporate Intranets User Guides, Installation Guides and Quick Start Guides
  • Support and Troubleshooting Documentation
  • Administrative, Programmer and Internal Development Documentation
  • Proposals, Contracts, Reports and Audits
  • Marketing and Corporate Communication Documentation
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogs and Maintenance Manuals

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