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How to Increase Your Productivity in MadCap Flare with the Kaizen Plugin

photo of Mattias Sander, webinar presenter
Mattias Sander, Founder | Sander Improvement Software

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Webinar Highlights

MadCap Flare users: Are you looking for ways to increase your productivity in Flare? Long-time Flare user and expert Mattias Sander loves to create automated solutions to time consuming tasks and problems. Developed in 2016, the Kaizen Plugin can help you save hours of work with features such as the MarkDown Import, Tag Replacer, Topic Splitter, Glossary Farmer and more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the Kaizen Plugin can:

  • Clean up topics and projects with a Tag Replacer
  • Save time creating topics from an outline with a Topic Splitter
  • Create a TOC from a single topic
  • Facilitate developer contributions by converting Markdown files to Flare topics
  • Quickly import a glossary from Excel

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