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Single-sourcing Training Course Reviews

"Single-sourcing has been my elusive holy grail for ten years. I tried FrameMaker with WebWorks, I tried Robohelp with Word, and it wasn't until Flare's output to print that I finally got good results without a lot of hassle."
—Chris Sullivan | AVST
"I've taken other Flare courses and this one with Scott as the instructor was the best. He kept everything moving and addressed questions as they came up."
—Erin Hill | Vocollect
""I'm generally an impatient student (hazard of being an instructor myself), but I didn't find myself getting impatient during this course. The pace was excellent, as was the material."
—Nancy Hutson Hale | SalesPage Technologies
"This was a great class. It was really great to learn new Flare features after using the tool to create several projects. I use the help in Flare a lot but it's always nice to have someone explain features to you."
—Tina Olson | Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
"This was the best course on Flare yet! I wish it had been the first class- it was comprehensive and definitely allowed the "beginner" to more easily grasp the features and why you would use them. The course was shorter (3 hours per day for 2 days) which also enables one to retain the information learned! This should definitely be the way all classes are."
—Sue Piazza | Healthplex
Vertex Systems
"I have already recommended the course to others."
—B. F. | Vertex Systems
"The course was well-paced, with a good mix of explanation, demonstration, and exercises. Two days invested in this kind of training is well worth my time and money because I increase my knowledge and reduce my frustration and trial-and-error."
—Barbara Casaly