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CSS Training Course Reviews

Gannett Fleming
"I have a much better understanding of styles and how they are used in Flare. I will be able to apply this training to my current help projects and "houseclean" the styles that were inherited from converted RoboHelp projects."
—Paulette Chestnut | Gannett Fleming, Inc.
"I am very excited to take the new skills I've learned in this course and apply them to my own projects."
—Andrea Altenburg | Share Logic
Harris Stratex Networks
"Excellent course for this Advanced CSS class and the three-day Intro/Intermediate class."
—Linda Lee | Harris Stratex Networks
"I have spent the last few weeks teaching myself CSS and CSS in Flare and had already nutted out most of my issues, but this course was fantastic for re-enforcing what I had taught myself, teaching me more efficient ways of doing things and highlighting things I didn't know I could do. Great course structure for people starting to work with CSS in Flare for print and online. I look forward to tidying up my shambolic CSS, starting tomorrow!"
—Abigail Boyes | Aderant