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Bring together your online training guides, self-guided tutorials, eLearning development tools, video content library, eLearning content, and other resources in a single learning center.

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The addition of the new eLearning solutions and functionality in MadCap Flare is a game changer. We can now leverage Flare’s single source capabilities to create presentations with assessments.

– STEPHEN J. SAURIOL | CPLP Technical Communications Manager, Saab, Inc.

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Leverage MadCap Flare’s powerful single source authoring and multi-channel publishing capabilities to create interactive eLearning courses and quizzes, including multiple choice or multiple response questions.

  • Automatically reuse and convert technical content into interactive training material containing quizzes, knowledge checks and more.
  • Create and insert custom pass/fail test result pages and scores, eLearning development tool bars, slideshows, course progress tracking and much more in any output.
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Watch the Video Series: Learning and Development Parts 1-10

Start here if you want to dive into MadCap Flare’s learning & development features to create online interactive courses. This is the first in a series of videos on eLearning in Flare.

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Why Documenting Your Project is Crucial to Staying Organized - Part 2

April 6, 10:00 AM PT

This webinar series describes how to quickly document a project. It focuses on what items to document but also looks at how to manage the document to keep it up to date and viable. You can view Part 1 here.

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Get Inspired with Our Customer Showcase

Check out some of the incredible documentation websites, user manuals, training resources and knowledge bases built by our customers.

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Find Your Next Career Opportunity on the MadCap Software Job Board

The MadCap Software Job Board provides individuals and companies a free resource to find and post open positions around the globe.

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Production Editor, Rivian
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Technical Writer, Capital One
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