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Thanks for all the excellent Flare webinars. They helped me to ditch
RoboHelp® and switch to Flare.

—John Espirian | Technical Writer, Espirian

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Multi-part Blog Series: Modern Content Development

Read: Modern Content Development, Introduction: Moving Away from a Document-centric Workflow

Learn how former FrameMaker® Product Manager, Evangelist and seasoned publishing/localization veteran Maxwell Hoffmann discovers content publishing through a whole new lens in this 5-part blog series.

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Read: Guest Post: 8 Reasons Why MadCap Flare Outperforms Adobe® FrameMaker® Every Time

Long-time FrameMaker® user Una Cogavin provides a detailed analysis of why MadCap Flare outperforms Adobe® FrameMaker® every time, including single-sourcing capabilities, open architecture, topic-based authoring and translation costs.

Watch the Webinar: A Hands-on Look at Migrating from FrameMaker® to Flare

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