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MadCap Authoring & Management System (AMS)

The power and security of on-premises authoring meets the convenience of the cloud.

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MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS) FAQs

Trial Behavior

What is the trial behavior for the desktop installed products (Flare, Capture, Mimic, Lingo, MadCap Connect for Salesforce Plugin)?

During the 30-day evaluation period, the desktop products are fully functional. However, the published content produced using the trial version will contain random characters to prevent the trial version from being used for final output.

What is the trial behavior for the cloud-based MadCap Central?

Your MadCap Central trial is good for 30 days from sign up. During the trial you are free to invite an unlimited number of users to your account and free to use an unlimited amount of storage capacity. While in trial mode, the compilers in MadCap Central will scramble the outputs with random characters, similar to the desktop trial behavior.

What will happen to my content after I convert from trial to a full license upon purchase?

Upon the purchase of a license key, characters will no longer be scrambled and all projects and content created during testing can be used for production-ready output.

Will my cloud-based content be locked up?

Your content will never be locked up. Backups are performed continuously, and you always have the possibility to export your data at the click of a button from within MadCap Central.

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What about security and keeping my data safe?

Security and privacy is our top priority at MadCap Software. MadCap Software is committed to protecting your data privacy and security. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Furthermore, in choosing a hosting partner, we focused on selecting a security center that understands the importance of privacy and complies with the highest international and industry-specific compliance standards and uptime guarantees. We are pleased to be partnering with Microsoft® Azure to ensure your content and data is safe and secure.

Microsoft® Azure regularly undergoes rigorous third-party audits to ensure and verify the highest level of security controls. For more information visit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security.

Download madcap central security whitepaper

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Project Management

As a manager, is there a dashboard view available for all projects?

Yes, in the home screen, you can have multiple pods/widgets for projects in MadCap Central. This view was created with managers in mind.

When you import a project from MadCap Central, will it create a local copy of the project on your machine, similar to Git?

Yes, the behavior is identical.

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Source Control

Are there any safeguards against trying to push conflicting changes from multiple users?

If there are conflicts, they can be handled in Flare’s conflict resolution manager.

Can two authors push a file at the same time, and if so, how does the merge work?

Similar to Git, the last push to MadCap Central becomes the final copy.

Do you use standard repository software like Git behind the scenes or is your repository specific to you?

Yes, the MadCap Central repository is a version of Git.

How does MadCap Central handle merge issues that inevitably happen with projects that are setup for multiple authors?

Merge handling is managed in MadCap Flare, rather than MadCap Central, using the source control interface in Flare.

What is a commit in MadCap Central? What's the difference between a push and a commit?

In terms of source control, a commit allows you to add your local changes to the local source control database. You can then finish by pushing the changes to the repository in MadCap Central.

Will MadCap Flare continue to support external source control such as Git?


Does cloud hosting mean you no longer need to publish to source control? Does cloud hosting replace the need for source control and a repository?

Yes, MadCap Central allows you to keep and manage builds. If you need to roll back to previous versions of your output, they will be available on MadCap Central.

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Does MadCap Software host the cloud storage?

Yes, we have partnered with Microsoft® Azure to ensure your data is safe and secure, with distributed data centers in the United States.

Microsoft® Azure regularly undergoes rigorous third-party audits to ensure and verify the highest level of security controls. For more information visit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security.

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User Management

Can you see when other MadCap Central users are in projects?

You can see when certain activities within a project happen, such as when a build was completed, or when a build is set to live.

Can two users work on the same project as the same time?

Yes, and you can use the built in source control functionality to help with the process.

Can a user be assigned to more than one team?

Yes, a single user can be assigned to multiple teams.

Will users only see projects to which they are assigned?

Users can see all projects in MadCap Central, but cannot access the project(s) unless they have been assigned to the project. In MadCap Flare, the user will only see the projects that have been assigned to them.

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Build Management

Can you roll back MadCap Flare files or projects as well as builds?

From MadCap Central, you can roll back to a build and set it to live. If you need to roll back to a state of a file at a certain time, you would do this in MadCap Flare, using the source control options available from within Flare.

For scheduled builds, I assume the output is stored on the server and can be downloaded later?

Correct, MadCap Central can host the output live, or you can download it to distribute on your own.

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Licensing and Pricing

What are the pricing and licensing options?

You can view our pricing and licensing information here.

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Terms of Use

What are the legal Terms of Use with respect to the use of MadCap Software and MadCap Central?

The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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