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Photo of Jacob Moses

Jacob Moses

Freelance Technical Writer, Host, The Not-Boring Tech Writer Podcast

Jacob is a technical writer with a simple mission: to encourage tech writers to break the stereotype that technical writing is a boring career. Jacob is the host of The Not-Boring Tech Writer podcast, and is a freelance technical writer.

MadWorld 2017 Sessions Presented by Jacob Moses:

Monday, April 3

2:35-3:30 PM

Breaking the Silence: How to Build Influence as a Tech Writer

Track 4 Tools Neutral • Communication

As technical writers, we have something incredibly valuable to share with the world – best practices, efficient workflows, writing styles, and so on – yet so few of us choose to share it. Maybe you’re the only writer in your organization, or maybe you don’t know the best way to go about getting started. Or the likely scenario: Your friends still don’t understand what you do, so why share your expertise if no one cares nor relates? Well, the good news is technical writers just look like you are desperately searching for influencers. The kind of influencers with diverse skill sets and backgrounds who graciously share their expertise with fellow colleagues. And the best part: You have the skills to become that influencer. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to use your expertise to build your influence, including how to find what to share, learn how to share it, and choose where to share it.

Tuesday, April 4

10:55-11:50 AM

Five Ways Tech Writers Can Add Immediate Value to their Organizations

Track 4 Tools Neutral • Communication

As the tech comm industry advances, the skills you need to succeed as a tech writer advance as well. With new technologies and higher demand for tailored experiences, writing and editing documents isn’t always enough to add value to your organization. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to apply the five most useful, forward-thinking skills that real technical writers believe add value to their organizations.