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MadCap Flare

Cutting-edge technical authoring and publishing for today’s technical writers and content developers.

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New Release

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MadCap Flare 2017 r3 Now Available

The new Style Inspector in MadCap Flare 2017 r3 is amazing! I’ll be using this constantly in my projects. The reading analysis feature also saves time and effort when updating our content; I no longer have to use outside tools to analyze my text!

Alwyn Durham
Senior Technical Writer,

New Style Inspector to View and Edit Your CSS Properties

A new Style Inspector in the Formatting window pane lets you view and edit the style details for your content (topics, snippets, etc.) in real time, rather than having to edit styles in the stylesheet.

Screenshot of MadCap Flare's Stylesheet Inspector

UI Enhancements for the Stylesheet Editor, Previews and More

Several new enhancements have been incorporated into the user interface related to styles.

  • Multi-select Properties with Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete
  • Rename All Instances of Style Classes and IDs
  • Rename Mediums and Modify Media Queries
  • Show or Hide Style Previews in the UI
  • Properties Shown on Hover
  • Transform Property Enhancements
  • View Inherited Stylesheet via Double-Click
Icon representing UI in action

Advanced Microsoft® Excel Import

Now easily import your Microsoft® Excel files into your Flare projects as topics or snippets. By default, all workbooks, worksheets, rows, and columns are selected for import, but you can choose to exclude any part of the table or workbook by deselecting the corresponding data.

  • Spreadsheet content added to tables in Flare
  • Import XLS, XLSX, or CSV files
  • Import equations as MathML or images
  • Split topics or snippets by maximum rows
  • Automatically re-import files when building your output (Flare will sync with source Excel file to check for content updates prior to publishing)
MadCap Flare and Microsoft Excel screenshots

Text Analysis for Readability, Average Sentence Length and More

A new text analysis tool allows you to run reports on your Flare project content. Scores are based on the “Flesch Reading Ease” and “Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level” tests, and reports can be run on topics, documents, entire projects or compared side-by-side to other documents.

Reports include:

  • Readability scores
  • Average sentence length
  • Punctuation density per sentence
  • Number of unique words
MadCap Flare's text analysis window

Repeat Last Action Shortcut

When you are working in the XML Editor, you can use the F8 shortcut to repeat your last action. This feature uses the same controller that is used when you create macros in Flare.

Shortcut icon and F8 key

Thesaurus Support

A Thesaurus window pane has been added, allowing you to quickly view and select words related to those in an open topic or snippet.

MadCap Flare's Thesaurus Window

New Responsive Top Navigation Templates

Looking for an easy way to create stunning, fully responsive Top Navigation outputs from MadCap Flare without all of the CSS and design work? Four new modern responsive top navigation templates are now available as free downloads.

Devices showing MadCap Flare output

Plus: Bug Fixes, Performance Enhancements and More

Software Bug Fix Icon
The performance improvements was one of the most noticeable benefits of our recent upgrade to MadCap Flare 2017 r3. Everyone on my team spoke highly of the faster speeds and improved efficiency.
photo of Jayna Locke

Jayna Locke
Content Strategist,
Digi International

Watch: What’s New in MadCap Flare 2017 r3

2017 r2 Release: May, 2017

The Salesforce integration in Flare is outstanding. It’s easy to configure and publishing content direct to Salesforce is seamless.
photo of Tim Klimasewski

Tim Klimasewski

Salesforce Integration

The new plugin allows you to publish content directly to Salesforce using Salesforce Connect and Flare’s Clean XHTML output. For more information on Salesforce integration, visit this Help topic.

Note: The Salesforce Connect plugin is included in MadCap Flare and can be tested during your 30-day trial of Flare. The plugin license is sold separately on a per user basis.

MadCap Flare Salesforce login panel

Google Search Integration for Custom Search Engine (CSE)

Use Google Search for your HTML5 Top Navigation and skinless outputs, using Custom Search Engine. For more information on Google Search versus MadCap Search, visit this Help topic.

Google Custom Search input

Faster Compile Times

Significant improvements to the compiler add a 35% boost in
average compile times.

Speedometer showing 35% faster times
I just downloaded the Flare 2017 r2 release and built my online output. The build time went down from 7 minutes, 48 seconds to just 2 minutes, 8 seconds. Fantastic! It’s even better than in Flare 12! I’m lost for words.
photo of Åsa Sundin

Åsa Sundin
Technical Writer,

Top Navigation and User Experience Enhancements

A series of improvements add more control to your HTML5 Top Navigation outputs.

FrameMaker® 2017 Import Support

Added import support for FrameMaker® 2017 makes it easy
to import and migrate your FrameMaker® content.

Icons showing FrameMaker importing to Flare

Favicon Support for HTML5 Outputs

Generate favicons, a file containing one or more small icons, associated with a particular website or web page, for web-based output.

MadCap Flare Favicon Panel

Watch: What’s New in MadCap Flare 2017 r2

2017 r1 Release: January, 2017

MadCap Central combines project management and version control in one surprisingly easy-to-use package that integrates with both Flare 2016 r2 and 2017.
photo of Neil Perlin

Neil Perlin
Hyper/Word Services

MadCap Central Integration for Powerful Cloud-based Content Management

MadCap Flare’s integration with MadCap Central combines powerful desktop authoring with a cloud-based content management environment, giving authors one place to store and manage content. Improve content quality, gain greater insight into tasks and production schedules, work collaboratively with teams and departments, and automate processes to further extend the authoring and publishing capabilities of MadCap Flare.

MadCap Central home screen

Live Dynamic Preview Window for Your Output Including Print, HTML5 and More

The Preview window is dynamic, and can stay open while you work and make changes in the XML editor. With the Preview window open you can select any topic, snippet or master page in your project. You can even select different targets with the preview window open. When a different target is selected, the preview window will refresh showing the content using settings (like your conditions) in that target.

Screenshot of Dynamic Preview Window

Pin Your Variables for Quick and Easy Access

Pin your favorite variables, making them quickly and easily accessible for future use.

Pinned Variables panel

All-New Clean XHTML Output

The new output includes only clean XHTML files and removes MadCap-specific tags, as well as skins, search, navigation, or other extra features. This output is not dependent upon other MadCap-generated files, it is simply your single sourced content from Flare. It is especially useful when you need to repurpose this single sourced content into other systems.

MadCap Flare 2017 New Project Window with Clean XHTML option selected

Associate Conditions and File Tags to New Files

Easily associate conditions and file tags when adding new files to your projects.

MadCap Flare Add File window with Condition Tags and Fle Tags options

Microsoft® Word Equations Converted to MathML on Import

Convert Office Math Markup Language (the format used in Word) to MathML (the web standard and Flare format) on import.

Import Window with option to Convert equations to MathML

Synchronization of Topic Title and TOC Entries

With the new system variables in Flare, you can now ensure that your TOC entries are in sync with your topic titles. When the topic title is changed, the TOC entry will automatically update as well.

MadCap Flare Topic Properties window

Watch: What’s New in MadCap Flare 2017 r1

I have used other source control systems with Flare, and they have each had their challenges. The MadCap Central solution is so easy and works so well – I think it’s a no-brainer!

Kate Montressor
Senior Technical Writer,
SilverPeak, Inc.

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