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Flare is used to author and publish a variety of web-based formats, including responsive HTML5. In addition to the traditional Tripane Help format, only MadCap Flare offers the Top Navigation output designed to improve user experience and give your online Help a more modern look and feel, all out of the box.

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Ready to change the way you create, manage and publish content?

MadCap Flare is the most complete technical authoring and publishing solution for web, desktop, mobile and printed documentation, offering advanced features to maximize authoring efficiency and content reuse.

"Having used all kinds of writing tools, I was blown away by how user-friendly Flare’s interface was. It was quite obvious that Flare was designed by documentation professionals."
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Kevin Southwick
Senior Technical Writer | Baker Hughes

With MadCap Flare, you can create responsive HTML5-based online Help featuring:

  • Top Navigation output to match modern web design (vs Tripane output)
  • Frameless output for improved search engine optimization
  • Google-style search results and display
  • Automated XML sitemap generation
  • Improved accessibility with screen readers (Section 508 and WCAG)
  • Topic-level metadata tag descriptions
  • Customizable design to match any existing website or portal
  • Topic URL paths displayed in browser for easy sharing

Plus other Help formats including Eclipse Help, and older legacy formats such as WebHelp, WebHelp Plus and WebHelp Mobile.

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