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MadCap Flare 2018 r2 Download

Follow the instructions below to download and install MadCap Flare.

If you have purchased Flare and have a license key:

Use your license key to activate Flare. Until activated, Flare runs in trial mode.

If you are evaluating Flare:

Flare runs in trial mode. The trial is limited to a 30-day evaluation period and cannot be used for production work.

Note: While in trial mode, Flare will mark its outputs with random characters.

Upon purchase and activation of Flare, the limitations are removed and the projects created during the evaluation period may be published for production use.

This version of Flare can be installed in conjunction with any previous Flare installations. There are no conflicts with such an installation. This allows authors, for example, to continue working on existing projects created in earlier versions and start newer version projects on the same system.

If you have a previous version of Flare:

This version of Flare can be installed side-by-side with most previous Flare installations, with no conflicts. This allows authors, for example, to continue working on existing projects in an earlier version while trying out new projects in the latest version of Flare.

However, this version of Flare will install over older versions of MadCap Flare 2018, rather than allowing a side-by-side installation. This applies to both activations and trial mode. Existing projects are not affected during the install, but it is highly recommended that you make a backup of all projects prior to installation.


Step 1. Download and install MadCap Flare 2018 r2 (64 bit)

(Approximately 535MB)

System Requirements

To request the 32-bit version, please contact: