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Fundamentals of Importing Word Content into MadCap Flare

photo of Chad Kreiger, Senior Technical Writer, Vernier Software & Technology

Presented By:

Chad Kreiger | Senior Technical Writer, Vernier Software & Technology


Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

Migrating your Word documents into MadCap Flare has never been easier. Chad Kreiger, Senior Technical Writer, will highlight recent Word Import enhancements including the file drag and drop feature. Having imported hundreds of Word files into Flare, he will share essential steps in preparing your Word content for Flare and will walk you through common Word to Flare workflows. Whether you are starting a brand new project or adding content to an existing file set, these tips will make content migration with Flare a breeze!
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Meet the Presenters

photo of Chad Kreiger, Senior Technical Writer, Vernier Software & Technology

about the Presenter

Chad Kreiger

Senior Technical Writer

Vernier Software & Technology

Chad Kreiger, a Senior Technical Writer at Vernier Software & Technology, uses MadCap Flare to write and edit user manuals and lab books that are published as web and print-based outputs. He is also the founder and organizer of the Portland Flare User Group and recently taught a Flare topic-based authoring course at Portland State University.