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Photo of Tina Hoffmann

Tina Hoffmann

Documentation Lead (Technology – Europe)

Tina Hoffmann is a documentation lead with a background in linguistics, history of art and translation. A supporter of William Morris, she believes you should have nothing in your documentation that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. A firm believer that most documentation contains all the information the user needs but cannot find, Tina spends a lot of time cleaning up, clearing out and cutting down.

Sessions Presented by Tina Hoffmann:

Thursday, September 13

4:20-5:20 PM

Divide and Conquer – Finding Similarity and Modularity in Your Documentation

Track 1 MadCap Flare Migration Project Management Case Study

Take this scenario: you made the business case for migrating your documentation to MadCap Flare and successfully implemented the product into your company workflow. Now it is time to demonstrate to those who paid for the shiny new tool how re-using content enhances productivity. The problem is you have thousands of documents in Word format, written by many authors over many years. Many of these share the same instructions (after all that is why you championed a single-sourcing tool in the first place) but they are by no means identical. This case study shows how Tina Hoffmann and the team at VISA began to move from document-based to topic-based writing, set writing guidelines to ensure consistency, and resisted the temptation to convert anything and everything.