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MadWorld Conferences

The Premier Technical Communication
and Content Strategy Conference

Schedule: Three Full Days, Evening Networking Events and More

Wednesday, September 12 – Main Conference, Day 1

7:00-8:30 AM

Registration, Breakfast

8:30-9:30 AM

General Session & Welcome Address

9:30-10:15 AM

Break, Networking & Technical Support Lounge

10:15-11:10 AM

Presented By:

Eloise Lewis

Photo of Eloise Lewis

Using MadCap Flare to Write for One Product with Different User Experiences

Track 1 MadCap Flare User Experience

For many years, JHC Systems’ product has had a greenscreen user interface. Think 80s games on the BBC Micro, or hacking into the Matrix. A few years ago, they decided to give the system a facelift, and present the same functionality in a modern, mouse-driven GUI. So far so simple, right? But what do you do when most users are still on the old system? Or when a phased approach means half the screens aren’t even available in the new GUI? In this session, Eloise Lewis describes her journey of trial and error, looking at the various approaches her team has tried, and why they weren’t satisfied. She’ll then reveal how JHC Systems harnessed the power of MadCap Flare to design a solution that authors, users, product developers, client relationship managers and the sales team are all happy with.

10:15-11:10 AM

Presented By:

Paul Stoecklein, Jennifer Morse

Photo of Paul Stoecklein
Photo of Jennifer Morse

A Walk in the Cloud: A Step-by-Step Journey through MadCap Central, Part 1 Note: This recording is from MadWorld 2018 in San Diego and features Jennifer Morse and Paul Stoecklein. This recording is being used due to technical difficulties with the session recording in Prague.

Track 2 MadCap Central Project Management

What is MadCap Central? What are its benefits? And how do you use it? These are questions that MadCap Software’s Jennifer Morse and Paul Stoecklein will answer as they take you on a guided tour through MadCap Central. In this two-part session, Jennifer and Paul will explain the basics of MadCap Central and set up a fictional scenario where a writing team adds MadCap Central to its daily regimen. They will guide you through a step-by-step demo of MadCap Central and show you how to solve common issues such as synchronization via source control, streamlining the review process, and how to keep projects on schedule and organized with tasks, calendars, checklists, and more. In addition, learn best practices on obtaining and centralizing important information and reports, publishing or rolling back outputs, and avoiding IT issues with simple, flexible solutions for hosting your output, including customizable URLs.

11:10-11:30 AM

Break, Networking & Technical Support Lounge

11:30 AM-12:25 PM

Presented By:

Scott DeLoach

Photo of Scott DeLoach

Introduction to CSS

Track 1 MadCap Flare CSS

In this session, Scott DeLoach will provide an introduction to cascading style sheets (CSS): what it is, what it does, how it works, and how you can use it in MadCap Flare. This session is designed to appeal to a wide audience. If you’re migrating to Flare, Scott covers how your formatting will be imported into Flare and how you can maintain and customize it. For experienced CSS users, learn how MadCap Flare enhances CSS and how you can use these enhancements. And for managers, Scott explains how you can use CSS to maintain consistency within and across Flare projects. At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with recommendations for learning more about CSS and options for using CSS to enhance and customize your content’s design for different targets.

11:30 AM-12:25 PM

Presented By:

Matthew Ellison

Photo of Matthew Ellison

10 Tips for Optimizing Search for HTML5 Outputs Note: This recording is from MadWorld 2018 in San Diego. This recording is being used due to technical difficulties with the session recording in Prague.

Track 2 MadCap Flare Search HTML5

Most end users try to find the answers they need by using Search, but they often receive unhelpful results. Common problems include too few (or even zero results), or too many results including topics that are not relevant. This session covers a range of techniques, from quick-and-easy to advanced, for improving the search experience of your HTML5 output. Matthew Ellison demonstrates and clearly explains the effects and benefits of implementing each of the techniques. The overall result is that search will be turned into “Find”.

12:30-1:45 PM

Lunch, Networking & Technical Support Lounge

1:45-2:40 PM

Presented By:

Thomas Bro-Rasmussen

Photo of Thomas Bro-Rasmussen

Autonumbering in MadCap Flare: Best Practices for Advanced Technical Writers

Track 1 MadCap Flare Autonumbering

Autonumbering in MadCap Flare is unique. It takes the HTML "li" and "ol" to a new level by offering a high degree of flexibility and versatility. In this presentation, Thomas Bro-Rasmussen will explain how to set up and get the most out of a simple autonumbering system, in terms of using it with cross-references, figure numbering and numbering paragraphs. Learn best practices on how to mix numbering systems in the same project, and how to use inherited numbers between tables, text, and figures. Finally, take a look at how autonumbers can be active, yet hidden, and have different outputs in PDF and HTML-based outputs.

1:45-2:40 PM

Presented By:

Germán Basterra

Photo of Germán Basterra

Achieving Translation Quality with an End-to-end MadCap Software Content Lifecycle

Track 2 MadCap Flare MadCap Contributor MadCap Lingo MadCap Central Translation

MadCap Software offers a fully integrated translation tool in addition to their other products covering the full content lifecycle, from authoring and publishing to contribution and review to translation. But how can MadCap Flare, MadCap Contributor, MadCap Lingo, MadCap Central, and other MadCap Software products all work together to improve the overall quality of your translation process? In this session, Germán Basterra will discuss the integration of these different applications and provide best practices validated in large multilingual Flare projects at Nestlé.

2:40-3:00 PM

Break, Networking & Technical Support Lounge

3:00-3:55 PM

Presented By:

Michael Fritz

Photo of Michael Fritz

What the Heck is Industry 4.0 and What Does It Really Mean for Technical Documentation?

Track 1 Industry 4.0 Tools Neutral

These days, the term “Industry 4.0” is on everyone’s lips. According to recent developments, making use of the term only seems natural, but it has to be distinguished on what really belongs to “Industry 4.0” and what does not. We encounter ourselves in a world where there is such thing as an administration shell; a digital representation of the real asset in the digital world. Not only is communication between these assets possible – moreover, every asset is represented by a smart sibling and is assigned properties – which form the basis of everything. Being put in the semiotic triangle, “Industry 4.0” thereby links the concept we have of an object, the physical object as the asset, and the IT-model as the smart sibling. The physical and the digital world blend into each other not only with smart factories, but also with smart products. With regard to the “reference architectural model industrie 4.0”, this session aims at covering the heart of “Industry 4.0”.

3:00-3:55 PM

Presented By:

Meinrad Reiterer

Photo of Meinrad Reiterer

How to Prepare Your MadCap Flare Project for Localization

Track 2 MadCap Flare Translation

Translating your content into other languages can be a huge challenge, especially when dealing with multiple products and dozens of languages. Due to MadCap Flare’s ability to manage very large documentation sets, documentation projects created with Flare can be highly complex and pose a challenge for translators. This session will provide insight into what happens – or should happen – when you send your Flare project off for translation, and what you can do to help your translation vendor deliver a fully functional, correctly translated Flare projects.

3:55-4:25 PM

Break, Networking & Technical Support Lounge

4:25-5:20 PM

Presented By:

Ellis Pratt

Photo of Ellis Pratt

Technical Authoring in an Agile World

Track 1 Agile Tools Neutral

Agile development has been growing rapidly in the software industry and other industries. While the agile development model may make sense from a product development perspective, the methodology doesn’t explain the best way to create Help content for users. In this presentation, Ellis Pratt will look at how authoring teams have responded to this challenge and developed agile approaches to technical writing.

4:25-5:20 PM

Presented By:

Brigit van Loggem

Photo of Brigit van Loggem

Beyond MadCap Flare: Creating a Unified Help System for Multiple Products

Track 2 MadCap Flare Project Management Online Help

CGG GeoSoftware consists of very diverse software products. Originally developed in separate companies, all have their own architecture, development methodology, programming environment, user interaction and method for showing Help. The goal was to provide context-sensitive Help in all their software products, where all Help systems have the same format, are displayed in the same viewer, have the same look-and-feel and functionality, and are updated in the same manner. Getting technical writers to all use MadCap Flare was the first step on the road towards this Unified Help System. In this session, learn how the team at CGG wrote the interface that links the Help to the software and configured Flare to deliver exactly what this interface expects.

7:00-9:30 PM

Evening Event & Networking (Off-Site)

Note: Conference schedule is subject to change.