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Photo of Alan Williamson

Alan Williamson

Security Consultant

Alan is the product evangelist for Senetas Corporation, a manufacturer of high speed data encryptors used globally to protect corporate data. He is a member of the development team and is responsible for all product documentation and worldwide customer training. Having previously worked internationally for Digital Equipment Corporation and SAP, his experience includes both sales and software development.

Sessions Presented by Alan Williamson:

Monday, June 4

4:25-5:20 PM

Case Study: Documenting Configurable Products

Track 3 Case Study

When you have a communications product that includes numerous models supporting many protocols, each with many different modes of operation, delivering a document that meets customer expectations can be a challenge. This session covers the author’s experience in keeping pace with rapid product development and release schedules in the high-tech world. An early observation that “less could be more” led to the use of highly conditioned topics and the need for a flexible means of defining document content. The result was a single-sourced project that can create any combination of products and features aligned to the customers’ needs.

Tuesday, June 5

11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Conditions to the Extreme: Robust Conditional Single Sourcing

Track 3 MadCap Flare Single Sourcing

All too often the real value of MadCap Flare conditions are overlooked and the challenge of creating robust condition expressions can deter even the most seasoned of authors. This session discusses the creation of single sourced documents that provide selective branding, content, versioning and more. It initially discusses advanced conditions and then provides the implementation details of a scheme that allows any author to create ‘low maintenance’ single sourced documentation. A Flare-based project that uses over 100 conditions to create hundreds of documents is used to demonstrate the simplicity and flexibility of the process. In short, conditions are a powerful Flare feature which when used properly can simplify your work life!