How to Convert a MadCap Flare Target to a Mobile App
Neil Perlin

Posted by Neil Perlin

May 18, 201716 Comments

You just got word from management that your company is shifting to a mobile orientation. That means the user documentation has to become mobile too. What do you do? The easy solution is to make your MadCap Flare project responsive. The formatting, layout, even the content will automatically change depending on the size of the display screen. Perfect! But management might …

A Guide to Reviewing Documents using MadCap Flare, MadCap Contributor, JIRA, and Confluence
Vrej Hezaran

Posted by Vrej Hezaran

May 11, 201710 Comments

When I first started at CM Labs, one thing was apparent: we needed MadCap Flare. Having used Flare at previous jobs, I recognized it to be the premiere tool for authoring attractive documentation quickly and easily. Unfortunately, the help system I inherited was a DITA/Doxygen system predicated upon a dizzying array of scripts that called each other to build a CHM …

Professional Print Brochures in MadCap Flare…Single-Sourced…with Online Output…and a Cherry On Top, Part 2
Paul Stoecklein

Posted by Paul Stoecklein

May 2, 2017

Want to create a professional-looking, polished brochure or print foldout as a part of your documentation set? In my previous post, I set the stage on getting started in MadCap Flare, with the essential questions to ask before getting started on the project. With that out of the way, here's an in-depth tutorial on how to create a brochure in Flare: Create the Topics With my …

Professional Print Brochures in MadCap Flare…Single-Sourced…with Online Output…and a Cherry On Top, Part 1
Paul Stoecklein

Posted by Paul Stoecklein

April 28, 20173 Comments

Have you ever wanted to create a cool, professional quality brochure or product foldout as part of your documentation set? Thanks to powerful single-sourcing features in MadCap Flare, you can accomplish this—and more—while simultaneously producing robust online output. For example, I recently created the following two-sided product foldout: This print foldout …

How to Create a Knowledge Base with MadCap Flare that Your Users Will Love
Gail Lorzing

Posted by Gail Lorzing

March 23, 2017

Does your organization have documents, spreadsheets and other forms of content scattered in various locations? A work environment where each person keeps "notes" on how to do a procedure, fix a problem, or workarounds for existing issues? Knowledge you don't think about until your co-worker is off or moved onto another job? Wouldn't it be great to have all your content in …