Upcoming Trade Shows: MadCap Software Around the Globe
Ashley Netzband

Posted by Ashley Netzband

October 20, 2015

This fall, MadCap Software will be traveling the globe to showcase the MadPak Professional Suite, our flagship tool MadCap Flare, as well as MadCap Lingo and services such as MadTranslations. You can find us at some of the largest and most renowned technical communications and localization shows in the world - from Silicon Valley to Stuttgart, Germany. If you are out and …

MadWorld 2016 Is Your Chance to Take Home Best Practices
David Ferriot

Posted by David Ferriot

August 13, 2015

MadCap Software is thrilled to announce the MadWorld 2016 technical communication and content strategy conference returns April 10-12, 2016 to San Diego, California.

MadWorld 2015: The Premier Technical Communication and Content Strategy Conference in North America
David Ferriot

Posted by David Ferriot

December 10, 2014

The MadWorld Technical Communication and Content Strategy Conference – now coming into its third year – brings together some of the best and the brightest in the industry. The conference offers a unique learning experience for MadCap Software users, prospective users, and anyone in the industry looking to learn how companies are utilizing not only MadCap Software …

New Release: Improve Your Documentation and End User Experience with Analytics, Reporting and Social Collaboration
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

July 10, 2014

MadCap Pulse adds analytics & reporting, topic ratings and social collaboration — three components used separately or together — to provide insight into how users use and interact with your content. By leveraging these technologies, MadCap Pulse helps improve your content quality, reduce technical support calls, and enhance the end user experience.

The MadCap Scholar Program: MadCap Software’s Latest University Partnerships, April 2014 Update
Jennifer White

Posted by Jennifer White

April 25, 2014

The MadCap Scholar Program offers access to the cutting-edge tools and best practices that students need to succeed in the field of Technical Communications. Giving students the opportunity to work with MadCap Flare and the rest of the MadPak early on in their student life has proven to instill best practices that are essential to a student’s success with a long-term career in the technical communication industry.