MadCap Flare 9 on Windows 8? No Problem!
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

December 10, 2013

We often get asked by potential clients or users whether Flare v9 installs and runs on Windows 8 (or 8.1). Allow me to reassure you: Yes it does! After you install Flare v9 and launch it, you may get prompted to install Microsoft SQL Compact 3.5. As that installs, depending on your security/permissions in Windows UAC, you may get a warning. It's not a problem - I'll …

Guest Post – MadCap Flare 101.2: How is Flare Different From Word?
Kelly K.

Posted by Kelly K.

January 18, 20131 Comments

Chances are you’re pretty familiar with Microsoft Word. It’s probably one of the first word processors you were introduced to (and even if you’re not using it for your technical documentation you probably still use it for other stuff), so it’s a pretty good point of comparison when it comes to figuring out what MadCap Flare can do.

Guest Post – MadCap Flare 101.2: How is Flare Different From Word?
Microsoft Chooses MadCap Flare

Posted by Mike Hamilton

May 18, 20092 Comments

Boy, the title says it all! While I am always pleased when we add new customers, publish new case studies, and win awards, when a name like Microsoft is involved I have to admit to grinning ear to ear. The Microsoft Health Solutions Group has been using Flare and are so happy with it that they agreed to publish a case study with us. Now, case studies are nothing new (we have …

Microsoft Chooses MadCap Flare