Can I Run MadCap Flare on a Mac? Oh, Yes!
Nita Beck

Posted by Nita Beck

June 22, 201724 Comments

The 2017 refresh of a MadBlog article originally posted in March 2015, with the modest caveat that the author is not yet familiar with the latest MacBook Pros, newly on the market as of June 2017. I often see discussions at LinkedIn or the MadCap user forums in which posters lament how they wish they could run MadCap Flare on a Mac. I immediately think, “But you can …

Justifying the Use of Single-sourcing – A Case Study
Swapnil Ogale

Posted by Swapnil Ogale

February 2, 20171 Comments

Single-sourcing refers to the concept of creating content once, but reusing this content across various outputs/media. This concept may not mean a great deal for the user, but for the writer, it is productivity defined.

Making the Business Case for MadCap Flare – A Three-Step Guide
Michael Vincerra

Posted by Michael Vincerra

September 29, 2016

For any organization considering migrating to MadCap Flare, several fundamental design questions should be addressed before starting a project. In an industry as highly regulated as aerospace, making the business case for transitioning from Word to Flare is a challenge. The product is highly regulated by the federal aviation administration (FAA) and by a Global Aerospace …

Guest Post: Thoughts on My Transition from FrameMaker® to MadCap Flare
Robert Plano

Posted by Robert Plano

September 1, 2016

I started in the field of technical writing when I began writing the procedural documents for the hardware and software the company I was working for at the time was selling. The task came to me because I showed an interest, knew the products, and the technical writers hired under contract kept leaving with short notice. At the time, my company was using FrameMaker® and …

Topic-based Authoring: How to Stop Writing for Paper
Maxwell Hoffmann

Posted by Maxwell Hoffmann

June 30, 2016

For experienced MadCap Flare users, this post may be a familiar trip down memory lane. However, the issue addressed here is quite relevant for new Flare users and those considering the move to topic-based authoring. Boundaries between print and web are fading The majority of us have realized that it is not efficient to write for print output first, do some clever tricks with …