Check These Five Steps Before Importing Your FrameMaker® Files into MadCap Flare
Rachel Kim

Posted by Rachel Kim

July 20, 2017

When using Adobe® FrameMaker® for documentation, you may be used to writing in a “chapter-based” authoring model, where information is organized into chapters and formulated into a book-based deliverable. But in MadCap Flare, authoring takes a different approach (in a good way!). Instead of working with chapters, you structure content around topics which can be …

Check These Five Steps Before Importing Your FrameMaker Files into MadCap Flare
Topics, TOCs and Targets: Three Essential File Types for New MadCap Flare Users to Know
Justin Bondoc

Posted by Justin Bondoc

July 13, 20172 Comments

A MadCap Flare project can easily house the documentation needs of an entire team, as a single project is made up of a range of different files and can create multiple types of outputs. But let’s take a moment to talk about the files. Over time, users will understand all the various file types that are included in a Flare project. However, for a new user, there are three …

How to Align Graphics in Lists in MadCap Flare
Jessica Nealon

Posted by Jessica Nealon

July 6, 201713 Comments

How an Old Trick Fixes Tricky Problems I’ve always believed that technology is supposed to enhance the authoring experience. In plain English – help me do the things I need to do 80% of the time as fast as possible while also being easy to maintain. Unfortunately, this can be very hard to find in publishing software. When you add in web technologies, your head can spin …

An In-depth Look at Synchronizing Navigation Elements in MadCap Flare 2017 r2
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

June 29, 20171 Comments

In MadCap Flare 2017 r2, a handy option was added to the target file to synchronize navigation elements with table of contents (TOC) entries for HTML5 Top Navigation and skinless outputs.  At first, it may be hard to visualize what this feature is and why you might consider using it, so I’ll explain. You may have an instance where a single topic needs to be linked to …

Can I Run MadCap Flare on a Mac? Oh, Yes!
Nita Beck

Posted by Nita Beck

June 22, 201724 Comments

The 2017 refresh of a MadBlog article originally posted in March 2015, with the modest caveat that the author is not yet familiar with the latest MacBook Pros, newly on the market as of June 2017. I often see discussions at LinkedIn or the MadCap user forums in which posters lament how they wish they could run MadCap Flare on a Mac. I immediately think, “But you can …