Guest Post: Creating a Print TOC, Index, and Glossary Manually within MadCap Flare
Neil Perlin

Posted by Neil Perlin

November 18, 2015

In my recent MadCap Flare-user webinar, Getting Started with Madcap Flare Part 5: Generating Print Output, on October 22, 2015 I discussed how to automatically add a TOC, index, and/or glossary to a print output like PDF. I also noted that the automatic method offers fewer options than manual addition of these components. In response, several people asked for a description of …

CSS 101: Three Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Styling Your MadCap Flare Content

Posted by Mike Hamilton

September 2, 20151 Comments

Just a few hours of investment in learning the basics of CSS can save you hundreds of hours of maintenance time over the life of a MadCap Flare project.

Single Sourcing Explained: The Power of MadCap Flare
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

September 15, 2014

What is MadCap Flare, what does it do, and why is there such a passionate user base? These are the questions I am asked more often than any others, and they are ones I am always happy to answer. With new technologies and applications debuting at an unprecedented rate, knowing exactly what kind of tool Flare is and the traditional content development challenges it addresses …

Single Sourcing Diagram
Quickly Add a Print TOC, Index, and Glossary with MadCap Flare
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

August 12, 2014

I wanted to take this post and highlight a feature in MadCap Flare that makes it easy to quickly develop the print elements that normally go into something like a PDF user guide. The idea behind the new print target options is that now you don't have to include a specific TOC, Index, and Glossary topic (with the embedded proxy) to create these print specific …

Quickly Add a Print TOC, Index, and Glossary with MadCap Flare
Guest Post: Letting Code Determine the Width of a DIV Tag
Jose Sermeno

Posted by Jose Sermeno

July 22, 20142 Comments

Laura Johnson, a certified MadCap Advanced Developer, is the creator of Flare for Help, a tips and tricks blog focused on MadCap Flare technical documentation and consultancy. She helps companies create and deliver industry-best documentation and content. Here, Laura shares a great use of CSS Selectors to control container DIV sizes.

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