How to Share Public Calendars in a MadCap Flare Topic
Henry Manes

Posted by Henry Manes

September 13, 20181 Comments

In my previous post, I discussed the steps required to embed a Google Maps widget in an HTML5 help system. This post covers how to embed a Google Calendar and an “add to calendar” button in a MadCap Flare topic, and …

Navigation Best Practices: A Guide to Link Types in MadCap Flare
Neil Perlin

Posted by Neil Perlin

August 30, 20185 Comments

In this post, Neil Perlin gives an overview of the link types available in MadCap Flare, including how to customize through CSS and best utilize the links. This article was originally published in the Hyper/Word …

Should You Use Fuzzy Matching With Elasticsearch in MadCap Flare?
Joe Cheverie

Posted by Joe Cheverie

August 9, 2018

The new release of MadCap Flare 2018 introduced Elasticsearch as a new search engine option. Elasticsearch gives you many configurable options that provide dynamic and predictive search results. One of these …

How Foundry Rebuilt and Modernized its Online Help Sites with MadCap Flare’s Project Templates
Rachel Kim

Posted by Rachel Kim

July 26, 2018

Foundry is a UK-based company that offers a wide range of computer graphics and visual effects (VFX) software. Its suite of products, which includes Nuke, a compositing, editorial, and review application, and Modo, …

MadCap Flare Feature Highlight: Variable Suggestions in Project Analysis Ribbon
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

July 19, 20181 Comments

With the release of MadCap Flare 2018, the Project Analysis functionality got a major overhaul with the integration of MadCap Analyzer into Flare. As a Flare user, you no longer have to launch a separate tool. Instead, …