A Quick Guide to MadCap Analyzer and How It Will Save You Time
Denise Peña

Posted by Denise Peña

June 15, 2017

Before I let you in on how great MadCap Analyzer is and how much time you’re about to save, I’d like to quickly paint a picture of a scenario that might be too familiar to some. Picture it: you’ve inherited legacy …

Let MadCap Analyzer Do the Work – 4 Reports to Correct Hard-to-Find Issues in Your MadCap Flare Projects
Ed Marshall

Posted by Ed Marshall

January 5, 2017

Many issues that can easily creep into new or legacy projects can be hard-to-find and/or fix. MadCap Analyzer can find and repair many of these issues. Four issues that often occur in MadCap Flare projects are multiple …

Four MadCap Analyzer Reports You Should Run on Every MadCap Flare Project
Ed Marshall

Posted by Ed Marshall

November 3, 20162 Comments

MadCap Analyzer is a powerful tool that analyzes many different areas and features of MadCap Flare projects, generating reports on issues that need to be corrected and making suggestions on how to efficiently and easily …

Why MadCap Analyzer May Soon Be Your New Best Friend
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

May 13, 2016

I like to think of MadCap Analyzer as an extra member of your QA team; helpful, always available, and ready to fix any flaws in your project. MadCap Analyzer is a tool that’s tightly integrated with MadCap Flare; it …

Using MadCap Analyzer to Optimize For Translation
Mike McDermott

Posted by Mike McDermott

March 19, 2014

Sending your Flare project out for translation? It should be the goal of your translation partner to produce a translated Flare project that functions the same as your source project. The important take away from this …