Yep, we’re doing it again. MadWorld returns to the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego April 13-15, 2014 and you’re invited to join the “Mad”ness! MadWorld 2014 is the premier technical communication and content strategy conference for technical writers, documentation managers and content strategists.

At MadWorld 2014, you’ll be treated to inspiring educational sessions, fun events, and all the networking you can handle.

We’ve put together a stellar cast of speakers just itching to share their knowledge with you, so let’s get to know one of them, shall we?

PamCoca2014Pam Coca is an award-winning technical writer and documentation specialist. A former nurse, she transitioned to medical-technical writing in 1998. Currently employed at Compressus Inc. (see Case Study), a software development company, whose product connects disparate imaging systems and databases to a single worklist, Pamela is solely responsible for all of the company’s technical, professional and marketing documentation.

Pamela is an experienced professional speaker, trainer, and journalist who has received awards in technical writing, web design, and public relations.

So what was your favorite part of MadWorld 2013?

  1. Meeting so many like-minded, brilliant, absolutely amazing people.
  2. Being treated like royalty by MadCap staff every minute of the event.
  3. The lovely little goodie bags that were in our room when we checked in.
  4. The MadCap support staff being set up nearby to assist people who had software questions or issues.
  5. The choice of venue: San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel. Great rooms, terrific service, fun atmosphere and having a guitar and amp delivered by room service!
  6. Getting to write a review of the entire event for The IESTC Communicator.

 What Makes MadWorld different from other industry conferences?

DSC01431There really is no comparison. MadWorld is a breed of its own. For example, on my last day, I was waiting for an elevator with a small group of people and a young man turned to the rest of us and said, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be followed around by rock music all day…now I know.”


Tell us a little bit about your MadWorld 2014 sessions. 

Things You Need to Know That You Don’t Know You Need to Know is a completely modernized version of a presentation I did many times for the STC around the year 2000. In Hawaii for the Y2K STC Conference people not only filled the room, they sat on the floor and lined the halls. I decided it is time for a revamp of this exciting discussion. We will go over things like the dangers of copyright infringement, today’s tech writing tools, and obscure or missing commands in our everyday programs. I will be bringing hacky sacs to toss to audience members who contribute to the discussion.

Compressus: Maximizing Content Reuse to Create Customized Documentation with Flare will demonstrate our unique document flow, re-use of chapters, creation of QR codes and snippets, take a peek into the code, show-off some of Flare’s lesser-known tricks, and publish a batch file for delivery. And I will have an assortment of soft squeeze toys (stress relievers) to share with audience members who participate in the discussion.

Excluding your session(s), which MadWorld sessions do you find the most intriguing?

I hate to admit it, but the only thing I know about DITA is how to spell it. I have been DSC01576hesitant to attend a class because I don’t think I know enough to attend one. So I am really looking forward to Ellis Pratt’s DITA for Dummies. Neil Perlin is an awesome presenter and he is doing a talk on code and another on CSH – I plan to be front row at both. My full list is too long to provide here, but suffice to say, I believe there will be plenty to see and learn.

Do you plan on doing anything fun (besides MadWorld, of course!) while you’re in San Diego?

I have heard about San Diego’s penchant for “scavenger hunts” and I think it would be fun to participate in one. Downtown San Diego also has some amazing eateries and sidewalk cafés to experience. Last but far from least—I love stopping by Seaport Village…especially on a weekend.

MadWorld 2014 is at the Hard Rock Hotel, so we have to ask you a music question. What are your 3 favorite songs in the whole, wide world?

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd Gimme Three Steps
  2. Adele Rolling in the Deep
  3. Miranda Lambert Mama’s Broken Heart

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