MadCap Software is excited to announce the release of Flare Version 9. If you already know and love Flare, there’s no doubt you’ll be impressed with Version 9’s new features and enhancements. If you’re new to Flare, here are more reasons to choose the industry’s leading technical authoring application for publishing online Help, knowledge bases, policy and procedure manuals, user manuals, and other forms of content.

What’s New in Flare 9

Right-to-left authoring and publishing.

You can now select and author in right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, and more. If you set the language at the project or topic level, the XML Editor automatically flips everything so that you can type from right-to-left.  For any targets that are set to a right-to-left language, Flare will automatically invert all of your styles, image callouts, and page layouts so that you can just concentrate on authoring.

Flare Right-To-Left

Socially enabled output.

Flare V9 (in conjunction with MadCap Pulse) now offers a documentation-centric, social collaboration platform that enables you to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge with fellow authors, employees, and customers. It functions much like many of the social media websites on the Internet, except it revolves specifically around your online documentation.


Editor split view.

When you are authoring content in the XML Editor, you can now split the view with the Internal Text Editor, which lets you work in the code and see changes in real time. You can split the editors horizontally or vertically. Best of all, when you select or highlight something in the XML Editor, the corresponding code is highlighted in the Internal Text Editor. No more searching for markup. Not only that, but a new autocomplete feature pops up in the Internal Text Editor to help you select the correct code as you type. This is also available if you are viewing a stylesheet in the Text Editor. Plus, the stylesheet now shows syntax coloring.


Enhancements for advanced print-based output.

First, you can now include crop and registration marks in your PDF output. You can also convert colors to the CMYK model, which is often preferred for print-based output. Second, there are many improvements to page layouts, including some new page types that let you always start new chapters on the left side, in addition to the older ones that let you always start pages on the right side.

High End Print

Check out some of the other new features and enhancements in Flare V9:

  • Enhancements for HTML5 output, including control for search highlighting. There are also new search fields in HTML5 glossaries and indexes so that users can quickly find what they need, plus  other skin enhancements.
  • Partial-word searching for our online outputs. This lets users enter only a portion of a term when doing a search.
  • Windows 8 support.
  • EPUB3 support, including cover pages, EPUB validation, and MOBI output for the Amazon Kindle.
  • FrameMaker 11 is now officially supported and FrameMaker import is enhanced. During import, master pages in FrameMaker are automatically converted to page layouts in Flare.  Images with callouts are now imported and the callouts are kept in Flare. They can be edited in Flare using MadCap Capture (which is now free to those with a Flare V9 license).
  • Word enhancements, including Office 365 support and the ability to import and output documents without having Word installed locally.
  • A new plug-in API. You can work with a developer to create a plug-in and integrate it into Flare. For example, you can add custom buttons or options to Flare ribbons or menus to integrate another application or tool into Flare.
  • A new project template that is all set up for single-sourcing output to the Web, PDF, and mobile. This goes hand-in-hand with a new section in the Help called “How Did You Do That?” which explains how various features in this template were created.
  • The Character dialog has been replaced. It now contains hundreds more characters and symbols than before. Plus some new features for saving favorites and selecting the most recent characters.
  • A new wizard for creating contribution templates. Now the process is easier than ever.
  • Integration of HTML5 movies, including formats such as MP4, WebM, OGG, and more.
  • A new Color Picker dialog with more flexibility, including the ability to enter CMYK and HSB numbers.
  • Dictionaries for spell check and hyphenation in all kinds of languages, including the ability to import new dictionaries and hyphenation rules.
  • New reports for topics with snippet conditions, as well as used and unused bookmarks.
  • SFTP in publishing destinations. This lets you publish output more securely over networks.
  • Source control enhancements, especially for Team Foundation Server and Subversion. You can also select a new check box so that you are not prompted to get the latest version of files when opening a project.

…and we’re just scratching the surface. For more new features, as well as additional details about the ones we’ve just mentioned, open the What’s New topic in the online Help or download the What’s New PDF Guide.

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Last Modified: October 17, 2014

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