MadWorld 2013 is almost upon us! What is MadWorld, you ask? Only the most fun and informative technical communication conference you’ll ever attend, that’s what.

Join the MadCap team, industry thought leaders and your peers at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego from April 7-9 2013 and stuff your brain with more skills, ideas, and best practices than you can handle.  Oh, and did someone say “networking?” ‘Cause there will be plenty of opportunities for that.

Let’s get to know one of our rock star presenters:

ScottDeLoachScott DeLoach Scott DeLoach is a MadCap Certified Instructor for Flare, a Flare consultant, and the manager of MadCap’s MAD for Flare Certification program. He is the author of MadCap Software’s authorized Flare training guides, MadCap Flare Developer’s Guide, CSS to the Point, and HTML5 to the Point.

Tell us a little bit about your sessions: I have focused sessions on two of Flare’s best-in-class features, tables and reports, and a third session about harnessing Flare’s power for team authoring. I’m planning to include as many best practices, tips, and tricks as I can in 50 minutes. Novice to expert—I’ve got something for you.

Besides coming to see your spectacular sessions, why should someone attend MadWorld? The social events. The sessions will be great, but MadWorld is a unique opportunity to meet other Flare users and the MadCap team.

Excluding your session, which MadWorld session are you most interested in attending? Mike’s “MadCap Flare – On the Cutting Edge” session. He always has cool tricks up his sleeve.

In your humble opinion, what’s the coolest thing about MadCap Software? The employees.

What makes you most excited about visiting San Diego? The Hard Rock and the awesome food in SD.

If someone really enjoyed your sessions and wants to buy you a drink at MadWorld Happy Hour, what cocktail should they order? My favorite is probably a Moscow Mule, but a cocktail I’ve never had would be even better. Just make sure to order one for yourself!

Is there anything else you’d like to add? See you in April!

Scott’s website

Scott on Twitter

Scott on LinkedIn

Space at Mad World is limited, so register now!

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