MadWorld 2013 is almost upon us! What is MadWorld, you ask? Only the most fun and informative technical communication conference you’ll ever attend, that’s what.

Join the MadCap team, industry thought leaders and your peers at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego from April 7-9 2013 and stuff your brain with more skills, ideas, and best practices than you can handle.  Oh, and did someone say “networking?” ‘Cause there will be plenty of opportunities for that.

Let’s get to know one of our rock star presenters:

ThomasBro Thomas Bro-Rasmussen, M.Sc. has more than a 25 year history in the graphical software area, working as a consultant, designer, translator, writer, trainer, software architect for numerous companies. He uses a wide variety of software applications ranging from products from Aldus, Adobe, FrameMaker, Corel, and WebWorks to lesser known products from Datamystic, Sitecore, Pectora and FinalBuilder, covering most OS platforms. The common denominator has been to create ease in any software solution – with a focus on well-designed technical documentation – and with the prime aim to optimize work flows and productions and to maximize the benefit for each user.  In the later years of his career, Thomas made the transition in the Tech Editing area from FrameMaker to MadCap Flare.

Tell us a little bit about your session: My session has automation and refined single sourcing as a key point. Due to the self-containment of Flare projects, we have had to adjust this in order to only have one CSS file, one variable file, one masterpage etc. for all projects, in any language combination. With over (presently) 145 projects, it is a “bit” time consuming to have all resource files updated to correct content (Resource meaning CSS files, variable and conditional text sets, page layouts and so on, that are all common to all projects. As a lot of these also have language specific issues, it is a tedious and tiresome job to maintain all of these, particularly when an update is needed. So we have automated all builds of all projects, not only saving a lot of time (reduction from 12+ hours to less than 3, and even more manuals than before), but also making sure that any language specific issue is implemented at build time. So in effect, with 145 projects, we still only use one and the same CSS file (etc.). In time, unless Flare can do this, we are making External Resources and/or Global Project linking almost superfluous.

Besides coming to see your spectacular session, why should someone attend MadWorld? Concentrated on MadCap products, MadWorld, at the moment, is the only unique opportunity to meet up with other MadCap users for connection, networking, and sharing experiences and thoughts. We just wish it would be in Europe sometime soon.

Excluding your session, which MadWorld session are you most interested in attending? Time permitting, I would like to see all, so it will be a zigzagging between sessions.

In your humble opinion, what’s the coolest thing about MadCap Software? The coolest is absolutely that it has an open structure (XML), thereby allowing for any outside manipulation. I would say back to basics (pre-1990).

What makes you most excited about visiting San Diego? I’ll tell you afterwards.

If someone really enjoyed your session and wants to buy you a drink at MadWorld Happy Hour, what cocktail should they order? If someone attended and liked it, I would most likely buy them a drink. It has to be cool though.

Thomas’s website

Thomas on LinkedIn

Space at MadWorld is limited, so register now!


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