On behalf of the entire MadCap Software team, we would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all our customers for their support, making 2012 a huge success, as well as wish everyone Happy Holidays!


2012 Year In Review

Below is a brief summary for 2012, including major product launches, new case studies and a few milestones for MadCap Software.



Product Releases

Each product saw major new feature enhancements in addition to a completely redesigned user interface.

Flare Version 8 | See What’s New

Contributor Version 4 | See What’s New

Analyzer Version 5 | See What’s New

MadCap Lingo Version 6 | See What’s New



News and Events

EC100_2011_OL_1MadCap Software Selected By EContent As One of The Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in 2012 | December 12, 2012

SavetheDateMadCap Software Announces MadWorld 2013 Worldwide User Conference | July 17, 2012


Case Studies

Ektron, a Global Software Provider Delivers Mobile, Web and Print Documentation from a Single Project and Cuts Web Format Output Files by Nearly 50% Using MadCap Flare and MadCap Analyzer

Blackbaud, a Leading Solution Provider for Nonprofits Uses MadCap Flare to Collaborate, Customize Content, and Publish Documentation in Print, on the Web and Mobile Devices—All From the Same Project

Illumina, a Leading Life Sciences Company Uses MadCap Flare and Microsoft Team Foundation Server to Optimize Version Control and Cut Project Time for Print, Web, and Mobile Content Up to 80 Percent; MadCap Lingo Speeds Content Translation

Cymphonix Uses Single-Sourcing in MadCap Flare to Publish Intuitive Product Help and Documentation in Print, Online and on Mobile Devices

Top Canadian University Simon Fraser University Uses MadCap Flare to Teach Online Documentation Best Practices

Instrumentation Lab, a Leading Medical Diagnostic Company Uses MadCap Suite to Optimize the Delivery of Online Help and Print Manuals for Six Instruments in Eight Languages

Software Engineering Professionals, a Leading Provider of Customized Software Solutions Uses MadCap Flare to Create Three Permission-based Web Help Versions and a Print Manual–All Integrated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server for Complete Synchronization

Squire Technologies Uses MadCap Flare and MadCap Contributor to Produce Intuitive, Searchable Web-based Documentation

Compressus, a Leading Medical Software Provider Adopts MadCap Flare to Cut Production of Print Manuals and Online Help from Two Months to One Week, Easily Add QR Codes, and Ensure Government Healthcare Compliance

Plus, check out the Flare ROI page with compiled case studies:

Memorable Quotes

“In roughly 20 years of working in the Technical Communications field, I personally have never dealt with a better software company. Your company models so many best practices, I can’t and don’t want to imagine what the discipline and the content authoring tools space would be like without your company in it. Nearly every day I work in the MadPak Suite, I find inspiration to help make things better for those I serve.”
-Don Rasky | Senior Technical Writer

“I’ve worked in and with technical support folks over the years, and dealt with tech support teams as a customer, but I’ve never dealt with a team as helpful, patient, and positive as yours.”
–Kelley Bennett | Documentation Specialist, Andesa Services, Inc.

“We were using FrameMaker, RoboHelp, ePublisher; now using MadCap Flare as our single-source authoring tool and haven’t regretted the decision for one second.”
–Larry Cartolano | Manager of Technical Publications

“Telling the difference between things created in Flare as a PDF and FrameMaker as a PDF will be hard to do. If I were setting up a shop today, I wouldn’t look much further than Flare. I think it is hands-down the best all around tool for doing one-stop writing and publishing.”
–Wayne Brisette | Technical Writer

More quotes:

Looking to 2013

We’re very excited to bring together industry professionals from around the globe for a completely new technical communication user conference, right her in San Diego, California, home to MadCap Software.

madworld logo_square

MadWorld 2013 will contain four tracks, varying in expertise and subject matter from beginner to advanced, as well as an entire tools agnostic track covering the latest in technical communication.

To see the full speaker list, along with sessions times and descriptions, visit:

Again, on behalf of the entire MadCap Software team, we’d like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a successful 2013!

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