Last week the results from the 2012 WritersUA User Assistance Tools Survey were announced. More than 700 participants weighed in on their preferences for commonly used software tools. Respondents were asked to rate the tools they used based on the value (5=Very Important, 1=Unimportant) to their development efforts.

We were pleased to see such an impressive response from our users. Not only did Flare rank in the top tier in terms of use, but more importantly ranked the highest in terms of importance to the participants. Below are some of the responses/comments received:

“Flare is our primary tool and we couldn’t do without its flexibility. It has issues but its capabilities are far beyond any of the other help authoring tools we are aware of. The support we’ve received is excellent.”

“I have been very happy with MadCap’s Flare for publishing.”

“I specialize in single sourcing, where I use a Help Authoring Tool MadCap Flare to produce multiple outputs from the same content. RoboHelp is acceptable for this, but MadCap Flare does a better job.”

“I would prefer to use Flare over Frame, but I have to use Frame at work. I use Flare at home for consulting work.”

“We are using Adobe Tech. Comm. Suite 2 and are evaluating whether to upgrade that or move to MadCap Flare. RoboHelp is not my favorite tool and I would not use it except that it was already in use when I joined the company. Though I like Frame for authoring, I think we need to move to a single tool for authoring and generating output.”

Sarah O’Keefe, from Scriptorium Publishing, provided an interesting analysis pertaining to the above results in her blog post last week, “The passion quotient”. She offered up the idea of a passion quotient as a way to measure the tool with the highest importance based on the survey data. When looking at the results, Flare scored the highest PQ with a score of 4.60. This number was significantly higher than other competing tools.

  1. MadCap Flare, 4.60
  2. Adobe FrameMaker, 3.79
  3. Adobe RoboHelp, 3.76
  4. Author-it, 3.71

Sarah went on to ask what conclusions could be drawn from the information. We (and Sarah) appreciate the feedback that has been provided so far, but we’d love to hear more. Send us your thoughts and feedback on why Flare is so important to you, your company or your profession.

You can view Sarah’s blog post here:

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