In conjunction with the new release of Feedback Version 4 (see our previous post), we are pleased to announce the release of Flare 7.1. While only a dot release, we added some nice new features along with a number of customer requested usability enhancements and fixes.

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New in Flare 7.1:
– Target option to exclude content not linked directly or indirectly
– Target option to embed images in Word output
– Support for image and multimedia tags that link to an external location
– Enable Background Status Checks option for source control projects
– Lock Files During Checkout option for source control (TFS and SVN)
– Display merged navigation when opening child HTML Help (CHM) outputs
– User-defined position/size of HTML Help (CHM) window
– Delete stale files option for global project linking
– Option to disable Feedback end user notifications
– New Help Control Styles
– Option to remove print table styles when applying table styles project-wide
– Enhanced font options for table styles
– Text-to-table support extended to Tab separators
– Assign Skin option added to the Alias Editor right-click menu
– Fixes for bugs found by users
– Remove BOM mark in WebHelp outputs
– Improved FTP publishing
– And many other functionality enhancements!

To read the Flare 7.1 release notes, visit:

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Last Modified: July 12, 2011

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