We’re in Philadelphia today, with just two dates remaining. Feedback continues to be fantastic as both Mike and Neal are doing a tremendous job.

“Thank you for delivering a solid road show program in the Boston area on May 23rd. It was really good to hear it directly from the experts on your team. Mike Hamilton and Neal Pozner did an outstanding job presenting the materials in a very pragmatic and relevant fashion, especially with CSS.
It was the perfect starting point for taking on the latest features in Flare 7 and the MadCap MadPak suite!”

Kathy Valade, Sr. Product Owner
Gerber Technology, Inc.

The MadCap Roadshow Philadelphia

The MadCap Roadshow in Philadelphia

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  • Matt Harris June 2, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    I really enjoyed your Roadshow in Philly on May 26. The speakers delivered an information-packed workshop while keeping the audience engaged and eager to ask questions. They really went out of their way to ensure attendees walked away with practical information.

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