We were in Chicago last week, marking our 11th stop in the 16-city Roadshow. Feedback continues to be excellent. A big thank you to all of those who have joined us so far!

“I definitely enjoyed the Roadshow and would recommend it to other tech writers interested in MadCap Software. Mike did a great job addressing an audience with very mixed levels of experience. His advice on CSS was particularly interesting.”
Kristen Kelleher, Technical Publications Manager

“Not knowing anything about MadCap Flare, I thought the Roadshow was well worth attending. It gave me a good overview of what the product can do.”
Dave C Harlander, Senior Learning Consultant
Design & Development, Learning Solutions

“Mike is a wonderful presenter. I appreciate the way he kept the MadCap angle separate from the basic information. I am inspired to learn more about CSS.”
Richard Mateosian, Review Editor
IEEE Micro

“We really enjoyed the Roadshow. Our team is in the process of migrating our HTML Help systems to Flare, so it was good timing for us. We are focusing a lot on single-sourcing our content, as it is used in several outputs. The session on cascading style sheets was very helpful. Overall, nicely done!”
George Bratsberg, Technical Marketing Engineer

The MadCap Roadshow Chicago

The MadCap Roadshow in Chicago

Next up is Denver, followed by the final leg of the tour on the east coast with stops in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

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David Ferriot

About David Ferriot

As Marketing Director, David manages MadCap Software’s overall marketing efforts, including web development, email marketing, trade shows and events, content marketing, social media, marketing automation and more. With over 10 years of experience working in marketing and advertising, David enjoys leading his team to fuel the growth and adoption of MadCap Software's powerful suite of content development tools, conference events and first-rate services.

Last Modified: April 27, 2011

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