We’re starting to see more and more of them. On print ads, on bus wraps, and now, in your documentation. Flare 7 allows technical communicators to bridge the gap between static print and searchable, more detailed, readily accessible mobile information by inserting QR (quick response) codes into your documentation.

A QR code is a type of barcode that can be read by devices such as smart phones. The data encoded in the QR code can be text, a website URL, an email address, contact information, or SMS (Short Message Service, which is used for sending text messages).

Using Flare 7, you can now create and add a QR code to your content using the UI in the XML Editor.   Click here to see a demo of how easy it is to use QR codes in Flare.

A few examples of how you can use QR codes to benefit your users include:

  • Instead of creating a large manual with hundreds of pages, create a Quick Start guide with fewer pages. At the bottom of each page, step, topic, or procedure, add a QR code that allows users to access more detailed information online.
  • For users out in the field that need access to updated information, include codes in printed manuals that direct them to the needed content in your Help system.
  • You have a printed procedures manual with QR codes that, when scanned, link to movies showing the procedures in action.
  • For external communication, include a QR code at the bottom of a document that takes them straight to a website where they can purchase a particular part or product.

There are many different kinds of QR code readers on the market. If you have a mobile device that supports QR code readers, you can install an app and use it to read these types of codes.

The QR code above can be both scanned by a QR code reader on your phone or clicked as a hyperlink. Both will result in directing your browser to MadCap Software’s homepage. You can then bookmark it for later viewing on your mobile device.

How will you take advantage of QR codes?

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About Jose Sermeno

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