Up to this point whenever we here at MadCap Software have rolled out an update to one of our software products it has pretty much been a complete reinstall of the product. This has meant some pretty significant download sizes, download times, install times, etc. Well, we have a new trick up our sleeve.

For those who downloaded the new versions of Flare / Blaze last week some new technology was included. This now allows us to do incremental updates without the need for a massive download and complete reinstall. This went into practice for the first time yesterday. We rolled out a patch for Flare / Blaze and the download was under 512 kb.

Yesterday morning I opened Flare and I was prompted to download the patch. The download took less than a minute and the update/install about the same. This should open the door for us to be able to be even more responsive with updates and fixes. We no longer will have to wait to roll a bunch of fixes up into a massive download and the users will no longer have to tie up their machines with heavy downloads, it should make for a much better experience for all. So the next time Flare or Blaze prompts you that an update is available, you don’t have to groan any more.


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  • Siska December 18, 2008 at 2:35 AM

    Great news!
    And you don’t even force me to reboot my pc after every update, woohoo 😉

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